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This hilarious Monopoly rip off on Nintendo Switch is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

With the PUBG corp and Bluehole finally dropping the lawsuit against Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale the gaming community collectively sighed with relief. Creative freedom would not be challenged today. However, this doesn’t mean that ideas or gameplay cannot be stolen. In fact one game has decided to prove that it’s easy to steal an entire game, re-skin it and sell it with Nintendo’s permission.

Welcome to ‘Rento Fortune Monolit‘ where you’ll “bankrupt your friends and obtain monopoly to win’. The game’s Nintendo Switch eshop page even contains some brilliant line such as ‘If you like family dice games – you will like Rento too :)’ and ‘Enjoy one of the best board games ever made.’ Yes, the smiley face is actually included in the game’s blurb. Don’t believe yet that it’s a rip off? Let’s examine some screenshots.

Now I’m a big supporter of creative freedom. Some of the greatest games ever made are inspired and iterations of other games. This is a step too far. To literally reskin an existing, popular franchise and sell it on its own merit is totally wrong. What’s worse is Nintendo are actively supporting this with a webpage on their official website: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Rento-Fortune-Monolit-1397446.html

What’s even worse than that? The game is already out on PS4 and Xbox One. People have actually approved this nonsense’s release. I think maybe some people aren’t doing a very good job. I’m sure the lawyers of the owners of the Monopoly Trademark will do a much better job when this is brought to their attention.

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