Tokyo 42 Review

Reviewed on Xbox One; Also available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

I’m a ninja assassin, killing everything in my way. Nothing will stop me from my mission… Oh, looks like I got a little carried away with Tokyo 42. Shall we find out why?


Tokyo 42 is an action game openly inspired by classics such as GTA 1 and Syndicate. You play a budding assassin, who has been falsely accused of murder and must explore a World of corruption to clear your name. Of course, as an assassin, you will be killing some ‘Goons’ along the way in a somewhat futuristic World.

Sadly, this is about as much of the story I paid attention to, it’s pretty irrelevant but don’t let that deter you from this crazy game. Tokyo 42 is an incredibly fun, incredibly insane game. Tokyo42_Colony


Tokyo 42 has it all; Bullet physics, jumping with air control, stealth, crowd simulation, crazy shoot outs, cats. You name it, it’s there, almost. It reminds me of Hotline Miami if you guys have ever played that, in fact, the gameplay is pretty much the same. That’s not a bad thing, Hotline Miami was an incredible game!

This game seems to encourage experimentation; with different objectives to complete, i.e killing a certain enemy in a certain way, save points are easy to come across. Allowing you to try out different approaches to figure out the best way to complete your task. Whether that be sneaking around, killing enemies with your katana, going in all guns blazing or staying far back and using your sniper rifle, there are many different ways to play this game, and you will need to learn how to confidently play them all. I’m used to playing through a game only using one single approach, mostly being quite stealthy, whatever usually works best for me in that specific game. However, this wasn’t possible in Tokyo 42. Although objectives could be similar, you would need to take a different approach to each and every one of them. This was my toughest challenge for the game, it was a lot of ‘testing the waters’ to see what would work and what wouldn’t, which could get a little annoying.

Speaking of annoying, the A.I. Super frustrating when their aiming is spot on and well, mine wasn’t… it’s not a super hard game by any stretch but the aiming is difficult to master. You have to be very careful with how much you move the stick, the slightest turn can completely mess up your shot and have you aiming completely in the wrong direction. Trying to aim whilst trying to dodge the A.I’s perfect aiming is super difficult.

There are some really interesting aspects to it though. You have energy which is used to perform certain abilities, like completely changing into a different person after being spotted by the enemy or wearing a suit to pass certain enemies to get into a specific building.



Tokyo 42 has only one multiplayer game mode as of yet, Deathmatch, where you will be placed in a ‘crowd’ and forced to figure out which in that crowd are your enemies, picking up weapons as you explore.

Although an incredibly fun idea, I struggled to actually find many games to join due to pure lack of people playing, I guess. Which is disappointing because, as I say, when you do find a game it’s brilliant. It would have been nice to have some different game modes too, but maybe this will come in time.

Graphics and Sound

Tokyo 42 is one of the most colourful games I’ve ever seen, so vibrant and beautiful and… blocky? It doesn’t need to be an amazing looking game, nor should you expect it to be and if you can go in with this attitude you will be stunned at how great Tokyo 42 actually is.

This game surprisingly has a lot of detail, the colours are bursting with life, the buildings are stunning, you can see every edge, every step. It’s truly wonderful.

When you first load up the game you are greeted by music that reminds you of an old detective show? Almost reminds me of L.A. Noire. You will know exactly what I mean when you hear it. The entire games soundtrack is very futuristic, techno music. It fits the game perfectly. Just take a listen for yourself:


Although not the type of game I would usually go out of my way to play, Tokyo 42 was a pleasant surprise. It’s unique playstyle makes for a fun and thrilling experience and when you can grasp the aiming mechanics you will be unstoppable. Finding the best way to complete a task made it more exciting (and somewhat frustrating) and made me want to play through the game all that much more.

Tokyo 42 is a good mixture of erratic and crazy gameplay and it works wonderfully. It will keep you entertained for hours to come and for the price of £15.99 it’s so worth giving it a go. If you are a fan of the likes of Fez and Hotline Miami you should definitely pick this one up because this will be a game for you.


Tokyo 42













  • Crazy Gameplay
  • Looks Stunning
  • Abilities are cool
  • Multiplayer is a nice add - on

Not Cool

  • Struggle to get a game in Multiplayer
  • Lacking Story
  • Annoying aiming system
  • Frustrating A.I

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