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Truck Driver en route to consoles and PC in 2018

Soedesco and Triangle Studios have lifted the lid on Truck Driver. Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018, you’ll be able to hit the road and build your career in the industry. The developers are focusing on the game aspects with this title and downplaying the simulation side in order to maximize fun. If you are interested in the genre then Soedesco have indicated a desire to work with fans to implement feedback into the game. Here’s a behind the scenes video from the developer themselves:

Key features include: 

  • Building strong relationships within each in-game community and meet a varied cast of characters as you complete various jobs
  • Take advantage of an open world that grows and adapts alongside your own career development
  • Access to full customization of your truck, from tuning to parts
  • Beautiful country landscapes and diverse cities are fully explorable
  • The game fully focuses on you building your career and developing your skills while you grow your own name recognition in the industry

The game launches in 2018. We’ll have more information on Truck Driver as the developers reveal more. Remember, subscribe to thelootgaming.com to receive stories straight to your email inbox!


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