Twenty Easy Platinum Trophies on sale right now for less than £4 each!
Perfect for Trophy Hunters!

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On the EU/UK PlayStation store right now there is a ‘Games Under £4’ sale going on. Several of these games feature Platinum trophies. A sale like this is heaven to a trophy hunter, a chance not only to boost some numbers but to play a ton of games that they’d normally miss out on and have some fun doing so. Here’s a list of TWENTY games you can pick up right now for less than £4 each to get some easy and quick platinum trophies.

  • Coffin Dodgers – This fun kart racer won’t take you any longer than a few hours to 100%. Having a second controller will make a couple of trophies even easier.
  • Late Shift – There’s an exploit that allows you to get the platinum in only a couple of hours. Otherwise, it’s ten hours max for you to finish this FMV title.
  • Lara Croft Go – A great puzzle game that absolutely deserves to be played. If you just want the platinum it’ll take you a couple of hours with a guide.
  • Hitman Go – Slightly longer than Croft but again, brilliant game that deserves your time regardless of the easy and quick platinum trophy.
  • The World of Nubla – Not a good game at all but with a guide you can get the platinum in about an hour, maybe even less.
  • Oxenfree – Slightly longer than the hours, it will take you about ten hours but it’s really worth it for this adventure game.
  • The Sexy Brutale – A 10/10 game. Buy this anyway. You’ll be rewarded with a perfect puzzle game and a platinum trophy you can get in an evening.
  • Burly Men at Sea – Not exactly sure what this is but after three hours of play you’ll have a platinum trophy.
  • The Bunker – A horror FMV title. Again with a guide, it will only take you a couple of hours to platinum, not long without a guide either.
  • Nubla – I think its identical to World of Nubla. A weird side-scroller that isn’t very good but you’ll get a platinum in less than an hour.
  • Eekeemoo: Splinters of the Dark Shard – Another terrible game. A third-person action title that you’ll get a platinum in easily after a few hours. It won’t be fun.
  • Ether One – A very relaxing experience. This walking simulator can be played with a guide to get a platinum in less than ten hours. It’s worth playing through for the intriguing story.
  • Wheels of Aurelia – This will take you just under ten hours. It’s easy enough though as it’s a ‘narrative road trip’ game.
  • Teslagrad – A few hours with a guide, double that without. Not long at all for this puzzle platformer.
  • Shadwen – One of the longer titles at around 15 hours. This medieval stealth action game contains a chapter select to make things easier.
  • Gemini: Heroes Reborn – Based on the Heroes TV show, this will take you around 5 hours to finish and the level select makes getting any trophies you missed easy.
  • Catlateral Damage – There are some weird games on this list. After about 12 hours of knocking things over as a cat, you’ll have a platinum trophy.
  • Goat Simulator – Told you it was a weird list… After ten hours you’ll have the platinum in this game where you literally do anything with a Goat.
  • Jazzpunk – Two hours of this adventure puzzle game gets you a platinum.
  • Volume – Ending the list is another 10/10. Volume is a wonderful stealth game that you should play. In less than ten hours you’ll get a platinum.
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There you have it. Twenty games. Between 60-80 pounds and twenty platinum trophies for your efforts. If you’re a hunter this is the perfect opportunity to boost those numbers!

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