Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019

UK Software Charts: Xbox One has a Strong Week

Here we have it, the Top 40 chart for the week ending 7th April. These numbers are based on individual units on each format. Xbox One has four out of the top five games here, indicating a strong sales performance in the UK. The most interesting aspect of this for Xbox fans and for Microsoft including their top brass such as Phil Spencer is that three of the top five have something in common. As of 7th April 2018 they are only available on one console.

The strong continued sales performance of console exclusives should be a sign to Xbox that fans are willing to put their money where their mouth is and support experiences like Sea of Thieves that no other console offers. In fact in the top ten as of the same date there is another four exclusives, evenly split between Nintendo’s Switch and Sony’s Playstation 4. These games clearly do sell very well.

Grand Theft Auto V continues its dominance, appearing at 14th on PS4 and 22nd on Xbox One. The game is unstoppable. When the units are combined GTA leaps to 8th, incredibly impressive for a game that is just about five years old. However even in the combined chart, Sea of Thieves is still 3rd. This will please Microsoft as this does not include Game Pass players, meaning the game seems to be performing very healthily.



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