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Ultimate E3 2018 Guide: Every Conference, Every Time Zone
E3 is coming!

E3 is a time of great joy for the gaming community. People are about to get incredibly excited as they pre order huge new titles unveiled by the biggest publishers, see brilliant new gameplay, be shocked at stunning new reveals and generally have the opportunity to celebrate their favorite hobby as a collective. Here is an incredibly handy chart for seeing where and when you can keep up with all the latest news and reveals:

That’s a nice couple of late nights for us Easterners. Perhaps a couple of days off work for those in the West? Whatever your E3 plans are I’m sure if you’re reading this you’re incredibly excited.

Stay tuned to thelootgaming.com for loads of content and coverage, there’ll be predictions, most wanted lists, reviews and so much more in the next month. For now we have a leaked project from one of Nintendo’s best studios, a leaked release date for a massive Nintendo franchise and the release date of the return of a classic Hideo Kojima game.

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