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Uncharted: Lost Legacy is stand alone DLC for Uncharted 4. Instead of the usual protagonist Nathan Drake, this story introduces 2 female leads for the first time ever. Chloe Frazer, whom most fans of the series will recognize from Uncharted 2 and an unlikely partner in Nadine Ross, yes that’s right; the same Nadine Ross as the antagonist in Uncharted 4. They make quite the duo which provide an almost surprisingly resemblance to the witty combination of Drake and Sully in previous titles.

Release Date: August 22, 2017
Price: $39.99
Size: 46GB
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developed by: Naughty Dog
Published by: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Reviewed on: PS4 Pro; Also available on PS4 and PS4 Slim
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In this iteration of Uncharted, we follow Chloe and Nadine as they meet in a small town in India torn with Civil War. They look to steal the plans or secrets related to the Tusk of Ganesh from the rebellion leader Asav. an Indian national, fully entrenched in obtaining the tusk and using it to lead a revolution.

After obtaining the map and a key you will make your way to India’s Western Ghats, where you will encounter Asav’s forces on your way to finding the Tusk. The balance of good and evil seem to be tipped in the favor of evil and it will be up to Chloe and Nadine to right the wrongs Asav has put in motion.

This game is the typical Uncharted mantra of gunplay, melee, stealth and of course the ever so often puzzle you will come across. The puzzles are different and yet the same this time around with the inevitable misstep that equals your untimely death.

All of this, which of course is leading up to a moral choice made by Chloe and team to go after Asav and stop his plan from igniting the revolution.





The gameplay on Lost Legacy is following the same formula of the previous Uncharted titles but will also include vehicle combat that was so widely loved from Uncharted 4. The enemies are the basic ones all the way up to and including the heavily armored shotgun/gatling gun enemies that shy away from nothing and won’t stop until you put them down or they put you down.

UC encounters


The area you will be spending most of your time in is another wide open area that you will utilize your Jeep to traverse from place to place across the map. This is where you will uncover the strongholds of Asav troops and also the occasional hidden item or two. The scenery during this part of the game is quite breathtaking at points, showing yet again just how talented the artists are over at Naughty Dog.

PlayStation 4 Screenshot 2017-08-22 14-08-36

Graphics and Sound


Well as previously mentioned in the section before, I find Naughty Dog to be nothing short of spectacular at creating some of the best set pieces for gaming. They definitely did not fail us here. Lost Legacy continues the tradition they have with bringing us somewhat surprising graphics a game can have within the console environment. There are too many screenshots for me to just share with you here but I have and will give you a taste of what to look forward to when jumping in to Uncharted Lost Legacy.

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The sounds you will hear are amazing. Paired with the right headphones you will almost feel as if you are riding along in the Jeep with Chloe and Nadine. From the engine roar to the birds chirping in the distance they do a wonderful job at bringing the sounds of the Western Ghats straight in to your living room.



To sum this game up would be hard for me. As a lifelong fan of the Uncharted series it was a bittersweet feeling when completing this game. As I know there is a strong likelihood that the Uncharted series is over, there is also that tiny bit of possibility that I may see Chloe or Nadine yet again.

The game does what it set out to do, it builds nicely upon the characters and with playing previous Uncharted games you have a good understanding at how they all play together. The formula for combat in the game while tried and true, I do feel it is time to let it go and if they are to bring out another Uncharted game some time in the future, I do hope they revamp this system and change things up a bit.

So until we know for sure, I will say see you later Chloe and/or Nadine, as I look forward to our next adventure together.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Uncharted: Lost Legacy








  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Setting
  • Story

Not Cool

  • No Changes in combat mechanics or enemies
  • Poor boss fight
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