Unicorn Dungeon Review

Unicorn Dungeon review

A dungeon, a knight, and a quest: find the unicorn. Let’s see how well we can do that in this Unicorn Dungeon review.

Point and Click games have not been my usual cup of tea, but I always manage to find some fun out of them. Wacky and crazy solutions to simple things are most of the time something to laugh at when you manage to solve those puzzles, and I don’t get angry when I get stuck in these games’ genre. And with today’s game I had some ups and downs, but at the end we have to ask: is it worth it? Well, let’s just find out in this Unicorn Dungeon review.

Unicorn Dungeon review

When the knight, has come…

Let’s get some things out of the water first: as a Point and Click game, this one is both fun and frustrating. But let’s start with the plot, which is something pretty simple. We control Sir Typhil of Creulor, a knight eager to become king. But in order to be crowned, Sir Typhil must find a mythical creature: a unicorn. Thus, the brave knight sets foot into the unknown, and as he steps into a dungeon his journey begins…

Unicorn Dungeon Review (7)

And that’s all I want to say about the game’s story because it’s one of Unicorn Dungeon’s strong points. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a conspiracy-based thriller with mystery and betrayal, far from it. It’s just a light fun comedy title, and pretty decent at that. Most of the time you’ll laugh and chuckle with some of its jokes, even if most of them fall a bit flat. The narrator will say the same things over and over if you click something by accident, so be warned. Thankfully, we can lower the in-game voices, so there’s that.

… but the fun goes bad

Sadly, this is where the good things end. And a huge disclaimer: I had a fun time with Unicorn Dungeon, but there is something that annoyed me quite a lot: the 8bit dungeon. You see, aside from the usual Point and Click nature of the game, we are presented with another type of gameplay: an 8bit dungeon crawler. It’s not a Roguelike dungeon, which means that you’ll be watching the same walls every single time you go down, but sometimes you are going to wish it was. The main gimmick about this 8bit part is that you can only use the arrow keys and the Spacebar. That’s it. But guess what? You can only attack enemies by walking towards them, and then numbers happen.

Unicorn Dungeon review

The layout may not be random, but the hit/dodge ratio of attacks is. And there a few bosses in the game which, to be honest, are pretty dull. No clever strategy or something like that, you just hit them twice, get back, drink a potion (if enemies dropped enough without harming you too much, otherwise say start from the last save) and repeat the process. It’s boring, it’s not really fun and worst of all: it breaks the entire flow of the game.

But wait, there’s more?

So yeah, that’s basically Unicorn Dungeon, a game that you can end in less than 2 hours and it’s… also… The first chapter. Huh. Okay, I’m going to be honest people: I don’t enjoy chapter-based titles, I think they are just a way of giving something that once everything is put together feels dull. And sure, for 4 bucks it’s not that bad of a game, but it has some room for improvement. Make it bigger, with more puzzles, less annoying sections that cut the game’s rhythm and you’ll have a small yet fun game!

I can’t say more about Unicorn Dungeon: it’s a short experience with decent jokes that will give you some chuckles, but that’s it. It doesn’t try to do something creative aside from the 8bit dungeon, and that’s actually the most boring part of the game, so think about that. Is it a horrible game? Far from it, it has some potential on its roots. Is it great then? Sadly, not so much. But hey, at least its dev is a nice guy who seems to listen to feedback, and that’s something that I respect in video games. Stand Off Software, take more risks with your choices! And don’t be afraid of getting out of your safe zone, you’ll see that the second chapter of this series will be better if you expand the number of puzzles and charm.

Unicorn Dungeon


Fun Factor









  • Decent Jokes
  • It has potential

Not Cool

  • Really uninspired visuals
  • Puzzle solutions are really easy
  • The 8bit dungeon gets boring quickly
  • Too short

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