Unravel Two is available now

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 officially kicked off Saturday afternoon with the EA Play Conference, where EA showed off its expected big franchises such as Battlefield V, Battlefront II, its steady and consistent sports franchises, FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live – and of course, Anthem.


EA had a couple of small treats up its sleeve as well, including Unravel Two, Developer Coldwood’s sequel to Unravel from 2016. As Coldwood’s Creative Director, Martin Sahlin, explained on stage, the team behind the Unravel series uses yarn to symbolize love and the bonds between people. Unravel Two tears that bond right from the start – players lose everything, including Yarny’s (the anthropomorphic protagonist made from a ball of red yard) spark. But where everything seems lost, the trailer then introduces a cooperative protagonist to assist Yarny in his endeavors across the new land players will find themselves shipwrecked on from the very start.

Unravel Two hosts a dynamic cooperative experience where a single player can play in a cooperatively solo manner by controlling both characters, or where two players can enjoy a truly cooperative puzzle-solving experience together. Unravel 2 features quite a few novel mechanics, such as intertwining the two Yarnys together during fast-paced segments of the levels, or unique puzzle-solving areas, where one or two players must then split apart the yarny protagonists so they can work together to get past the tricky endeavor they face.


Most notably, the game is available . . . right now! That’s right, EA and Coldwood announced Unravel and released it on the same day, an interesting and hopefully soon to trend marketing strategy! So grab a friend and jump into the intertwining adventure today!

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