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Unskippable Credits

Welcome to Unskippable Credits, where people share what they have to say about games! Today’s entry: Retroman, from Newoldgames.

Even if I really love the work of developers, fans can also make some wonderful things too. And there’s a certain type of gaming subculture that I really enjoy: the world of reproductions. Even if this may sound awful for some old school collectors, thanks to reproductions we can take a look at packages that held all those classic titles. But today’s guest doesn’t like to create reproductions, but re-editions of those same titles instead. Welcome to Unskippable Credits, where we interview people eager to talk about what they enjoy doing. In this entry, things will change a little bit as we don’t have a developer with us. Instead, please welcome Retroman, from Newoldgames.

Unskippable Credits

TheLootGaming: How long have you been creating re-editions of classic games?

Retroman: For a quite a while. If I had to be more precise, 100 generations of common flies have died while I was being introduced in this amazing world and also while improving myself hour after hour.

TLG: How is your elaboration process of these products?

Retroman: My style is simple: I just leave my ideas wander around my mind until they eventually come out. The only thing I have to be careful with is to not let them strand too far.

Unskippable Credits

TLG: What’s the hardest thing about your job?

Retroman: The hardest thing about my job is not doing it. It’s what I love doing for a living. I want to go to the ‘Retro Hell’ when I die.

TLG: Thanks to people like you, others are able to take a look (with extra goodies) to the past. It’s the work of people who make re-editions/reproductions relevant for preserving the history of video games?

Retroman: I believe it’s something with that has both pros and cons, but in terms of giving life to dead IPs, it is obviously important. No matter if these are reproductions or completely unreleased-before stuff (which is actually the thing I enjoy doing the most), these just bring fresh air to the community.

Unskippable Credits

TLG: Would you recommend this job to others who might be interested in the world of reproduction and re-edition of classic titles?

Retroman: I would recommend it as long as you know that this market is quite small, as well as other stuff like the huge amount of difficulties and hours invested for a minuscule payment. If you know this and you still want to do it, then just go for it.

We generally tend to think that the world of reproductions is an evil way of selling nostalgia, but I digress.

People like Retroman want to give their unique twist to titles from the past. By making these products, they put their passion inside these sort of Special Editions of games that never saw one to begin with. Heck, thanks to reproduction cartridges we can enjoy eastern titles that never saw the light in our countries! As much as it could hurt us, companies do not really care about the preservation of old titles. That’s why we have to give credit to the fans eager to offer a new life to these gems from the old ages.

Unskippable Credits

That was today’s entry of Unskippable Credits! Are you a developer creating an ambitious game? Perhaps a composer eager to bring great tunes to the world? Send us an e-mail. You will always be welcomed at TLG and, as always, keep on devin’!

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