USB Webcams Finally Being Tested for Xbox One

Starting today, Xbox LIVE Insiders Alpha Ring Members (phew, that’s a mouthful), will now be able to begin testing using standard webcams for Mixer streaming.

When the Xbox One launched every unit was bundled with the advanced new Kinect device that was supposed to enhance gaming with voice and motion controls. While it did bring some awesome tech to the Xbox One, and some cool features (“Xbox, Record That”), in the end consumers wanted the choice of a cheaper box without the Kinect they may not be interested in using. So Microsoft took the Kinect out of the box, dropped the price, and offered Kinect as a stand alone accessory. And we’ll just say it’s not as popular as it was when bundled.


Years later and game streaming has come to the forefront, there’s Twitch and Mixer streams of everything from major tournaments to average Jane showing off her skills in Overwatch, and people have been requesting the ability to use an off-the-shelf USB webcam to include a feed of themselves in the broadcast.

Well it seems that is finally on the way. This afternoon Mixer posted on their official blog that they are opening testing to Alpha Ring Members. This would be a sign that the feature will officially hit Xbox One in the near future. I believe it also continues the death spiral of the Kinect (there hasn’t even been a dedicated port for the device since the One S) as most gamers who are interested in game streaming will likely pick up a compatible webcam with the features and specs they prefer, to use instead.

Either way, new features are good features, and I think most will welcome this option coming to Xbox One and Mixer.

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