Venom’s product range is bringing the phrase ‘pick up and play’ to life

Ever since video games became a household item worldwide accessories have been a vital part of the craze. Whether that’s plastic tennis rackets, rumble packs, memory cards, charging cables, battery packs, headsets, stands or literally anything else you can think of, gamers have loved them. For good reason too, why wouldn’t we want a stand that can display our prized possession proudly? Why wouldn’t you want to give your controller that extra bit of juice? Why wouldn’t you want to batter your brother over the head with a realistic feeling tennis racket half way through doubles match on Mario Tennis Aces. Accessories bring a level of personalization to your gaming set up that you’ll never get out of the box. Luckily for us then we have companies like Venom Gaming UK, who I was lucky enough to meet at Gamescom to be showcasing their various gaming products. Here are my highlights…

Controller Chargers

I love these. The phrase pick up and play was always such an exciting premise in gaming, these bring it to life in a wonderful way. Rather than having cables and wires everywhere, having to play while plugged into charge or just having a second controller fully charged and handy, these products offer an entirely new option. This is absolutely essential for Xbox One owners in my opinion. Instead of having to buy batteries or charge a plug-in battery pack, use this! It’s an elegantly simple solution. You plug the charging unit into an outlet, console or socket. You plug the dongle into your controller. You place the controller on the unit and voila, it’s charging. Easy peasy. When your controller’s battery dies you simply place it on the unit, if you have a second controller you can just pick it up and continue to play. No messing around or wires apply. They’re available for PS4 as well, I’ve been using my black PS4 one for a long time and I absolutely love it.

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Hardware stands

Another take on storage and simplicity. For the best bit of information, head straight to Venom’s Website: because I’m not sure I can do it justice. It’ll charge your controllers, it’ll stand your Xbox One X or S in a comfortable and safe position and it’ll store your games. The battery backs will keep your controllers going for 18 hours. That’s a lot of races in the upcoming Forza Horizon 4. The small form factors mean it doesn’t require a lot of space either, it’s only marginally bigger than your console would be standing. Alongside this is the PS VR charge and stand. Not only does it provide safe storage for your expensive headset, it allows headphones to be hung next to it, can charge two dualshocks and even charge two PS Move controllers. Again compact is key. There’s a lot of equipment stored in a tight and functional space with minimum clutter and wiring.

Nintendo Switch Power Pack

This is a good one, a great one, a product so good it’s shocking that Nintendo didn’t do it themselves. This product is so good I could have dedicated a full feature, review, and article to it. This is a portable Nintendo Switch stand and charger. Just look at it. Your Switch safely slides in and that’s you ready to go. The sturdy stands at both sides means it’s absolutely perfect for tabletop play, airplanes, trains, the university library or anywhere else you can imagine. You’ll get treble the battery life here, pretty amazing for under thirty quid. There’s even a USB which means you could feasibly charge your phone at the same time.

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A decent headset at a decent price is a difficult thing to locate. Especially if you don’t like large, heavy, over ear models. I don’t. I’m vain and they make my hair look stupid. What doesn’t do this? Small in ear headsets. What don’t they usually have? Flexible microphones. Normally it’s a small mic on a wire that flops around and picks up your t-shirt ruffling and all sorts. Venom have combined both for their In-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset. Simple, functional and a great price. If you’re looking to pick up something to jump in and out of games of Fortnite, this is the way to go. Due to that simplicity, they’re each to just plug in and use without cutting you off from the outside world. If you are a fan of over ear headsets, there are the Nighthawk and Marauder models which offer this.

Variety is the spice of life. Venom is definitely offering that, but what they are excelling at is offering products that fill gaps on the market. The in-ear headset is a brilliant option for others like me, the controller chargers are fantastic, the portable Switch stand and charger are amazing and everything else offers something both practical and functional. It’s an excellent time to be a gamer and it’s an excellent time to have options thanks to Venom Gaming UK.

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