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Warner Bros. To Kill Off Dimensions ????

More news coming up on social media saying that Warner Bros Interactive have decided to follow in the Disney Infinity footsteps and call time on Lego Dimensions. What was originally a three year project has now been cut short due to falling sales and the bubble beginning to burst on the whole Toy-To-Game format.

The news itself was said to have come from a leaked company email from TT Studios (the games developer) although not yet confirmed by Warner Bros themselves, it comes as somewhat of a shock as the Lego name is a massive heavy weight in the industry with the Lego games normally doing well, and from personal experience, I find them very well put together (pardon the pun!)

I personally feel it’s still a great shame to lose Dimensions, I mean any game where you can buy an A Team add on just has to be awesome right? And what does this mean for the Toy-To-Game market, is this truly the end of what was once a licence to print money with only Skylanders still fighting the fight all beit on the ropes, we shall see.

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