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Was Doom 2 Hinted by Pete Hines?

Above was said in passing by Pete Hines and those words, to normal folk, might seem like an innocent answer anyone would give when being asked about their E3 plans. Here at The Loot Gaming, we don’t have normal folk. We have me, tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy searching rumor nut!

Hell on earth. Doom 2 called Doom 2: Hell On Earth. Half Life 3 confirmed and potential Doom announcement at E3 imminent!

In all seriousness, it’s been two years since the rebooted Doom launched back in 2016 and Bethesda has reached a level where they have their own E3 presences and press conference. While we don’t know what will be announced, I could see Doom 2 revealed for a possible 2019 release window and I do think his comment was a possible teaser. Fingers crossed for a Switch version too!

What do you think? Will Doom 2 be shown at E3? What about Bethesda behemoth Starfield that has been rumored to be in development? Perhaps Skyrim running on microwaves? Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see!

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