WedNESday #10

The year is 1998, I’m eight years old and terribly sick. In and out of consciousness, lots of vitamin C, and Kool aid. My grandparents laid me down in the living room on a blanket because my fever was high and they were watching me. I missed school and my mom worked. Anyways, they left the cartoon channel on and it must have been a marathon because every time I woke up, green talking turtles were on the screen. One carried two swords, another a pair of nunchucks, the other a stick, and the forth these three pointed daggers.

I was. HOOKED.

When I finally got better, I told my sister all about these majestic, talking, martial arts master turtle beings. With a smirk, she showed me that there were three films as well. That was amazing but that wasn’t all, there were also NES games.

Side-scrolling goodness as you go from level to level in a beat ’em up. You’ll fight several enemies controlling all four turtles, able to attack while crouching, jumping, and walking forward. You switch characters in the pause menu, and you’ll be able to see what items you have available.

There is an overworld, top-down view, as you select your level and besides just reaching the end of a stage, I remember some wanted you to get an item and others had a boss fight. The game is hard, I remember that, but not as hard as a game like, say, Mega Man. Being a lover of pizza and needing to collect it to regain health, was a nice touch as well.

I recovered from one fever, to acquire another. Turtle fever. I was over the moon for these beautiful green bastards and I played this game, watched the movies, and had my mom buy me the VHS tapes of the animated series. Some of you readers don’t even know what a VHS is and that’s hilarious.

The game is also featured in what of my favorite childhood movies: The Wizard.

Despite playing it continually, and not being as difficult as I remember compared to other NES games, I do recall the barbaric and rage-inducing water levels. It took me more energy, time, and patience than I can number to finally overcome those aquatic moments of liquid hell. It almost ruined my love for the turtles but I managed to overcome them eventually.

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Even though Michelangelo was my favorite of all the turtles, because of his chill and funny personality, the one I loved to play with was Donatello. Something about beating enemies with just a dull stick was so satisfying, even thinking back on it and what it would be like to do it brings me a smile.

The game’s music was also pretty great too, but most of the music back then was. The outdoor levels always get stuck in my head, they still do. I went back to hear some and it was better than I thought, and some of the tracks got stuck in my head that day as I was taking a shower. Couldn’t help but smirk. It reminded me that I love the NES and love going back to play those great games. I always will.

Believe it or not, the game actually has a story, which I had completely forgotten. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are on a quest to get the Life Transformer to help Splinter get back his human form. All I remembered as a kid was needing to save April, then going underwater to stop some bombs. I do remember fighting a Gundam turtle and Shredder.

It would be great to have all these old games brought to the Switch or other consoles and play them again without Wizardry. Did you ever play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the NES? Did you like it? Comment down below and let me know!

Oh, by the way, which was your favorite Ninja Turtle?

I would like to take this moment to thank WordPress user KillerRobotics for always reading my work and liking my posts. I’ve had low times and I’ve had high ones but whenever I felt down, your support and love has made me smile and help me continue on. So, thank you.

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