WedNESday #13

'Felix The Cat.'

One game that’s seemingly overlooked on the NES is Felix The Cat. It’ll be mentioned, occasionally, when listing some of the best retro platforming games but that’s usually because someone is looking for games on that list, they run across Felix The Cat, and then they are like “oh yeah!

How do you know? You might be asking me right now, well, I have an answer based in fact by experience. I had in mind what I wanted this week’s WedNESday to be and, in a conversation with another, we spoke on how the retro games were home to platformers. When I mentioned Felix The Cat… guess what they said?. “Oh yeah!”

Despite being buried deep into our memories and often forgotten, when it’s remembered, we all agree that it was a great game. It had great visuals, solid mechanics, and it emphasized the fun. It’s such a tried and true formula that many developers used to base their games on. Nowadays, one of those three gets more focus or polish than the other two. Depending on the game and genre, that’s a good thing but there is no denying that when all three are treated equally, you have a special experience produced. That’s why I gravitate to gameplay focused experiences, like Platinum Games’ catalog.

If you take anything out of this WedNESday, it’s that we need a new Felix The Cat developed by Hideki Kamiya-sama and the rest of the most talented developers over at the spectacular Platinum Games.

The funny thing about games back then is that they didn’t overcomplicate the experience with a ton of different buttons doing different things. Not every game needs to utilize every button. Felix The Cat only uses two: a jump button and an attack button. He’d totally win a fight against that pudgy plumber who is terrible at his job because he never works because he’s chasing after a princess in hopes to kidnap her from being with her one true love. Bowser has been wrongly viewed and attacked for decades. I’m pretty sure I got this plot down. Read a manual.

Unlike Mario and his human princess trafficking side hustle, and his The Good Son facade, Felix is an honorable cat doing the right thing. Felix and Kitty are star-crossed lovers who overcame many obstacles to finally be together. You see, Felix came from the family of the Montacats and Kitty came from the Kattpulets and their families warred and hated one another. After trials and a faked suicide, they departed from their lives and began to live together in heavenly bliss. As they enjoyed the pleasure of one another’s company, an evil professor who suppresses his Furry fetish, kidnaps Kitty and it’s up to Felix to save her.

Not all heroes wear capes. True love overcomes all.

You’ll cross nine levels to find your beloved and face enemies and bosses alike with death coming in the form of falling into a hole, taking too much damage, and running out of time. You can even pilot a tank. Montacats got connections, friends in high places. The boss fights are fun but they can be easily beaten once you find a good rhythm and set the pace of combat. My favorite part of the game is definitely the platforming, more so riding the back of sea turtles and dolphins.

What makes the game so fun?

Honestly, the gameplay is addicting and it feels like a cross between Super Mario Bros, Sonic, and Mega Man. Felix The Cat was my in-between game, if that makes sense. It was a game that offered a nice challenge, it was a ton of fun to play, and I could jump right in and just play. If I just finished a terribly hard game, I could play it, when I was anticipating an upcoming release, I would play it. There were other reasons I would play it too: to distract myself. The following may sound childish, and I agree, but at that time I was, well, a child.

When I got picked last every time teams were picked for P.E., Felix The Cat was there. When I got no Valentine’s Day card, Felix The Cat was there. When Annette cried when we were paired together in science class because I wasn’t pretty or popular, Felix The Cat was there. It always took those worries and the sadness away when I’d get home and play. It wasn’t always Felix The Cat, but 90% of the time it was. When my mother and I bounced from place to place because she worked three jobs and landlords kept racing their rent, Felix The Cat was there to distract me. That’s the power of video games, especially good ones.

That’s the purpose of WedNESday, to open myself up to you all and express my adulation for a certain era of video games that solely focused on making kids like me all around the world happy, even if our circumstances prevented that. Some kids will never experience the heartache I did when I was little, thank the Lord Jesus Christ for that, but I hope that, if anything, these small pieces of writing can encourage them to check these games out. That era in gaming is special and has a ton of gems within it. Please check it out.

Well, that’s all for this week’s WedNESday! Did you play Felix The Cat back in the day? Love it? Hate it? What was your in-between game (past or present)? Comment down below and remember to follow the Loot Gaming for all your gaming news, reviews, and on everything revolving around the Montacats and Kattpulets!

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