What kind of exclusiveness PUBG has on Xbox One?

There are always two ways for any company to share news, no matter if those are good, bad or almost irrelevant.

The good way should be sharing objective and clear facts or information. Sounds logic, right…?

In the other hand, the “not so good” way; same as previous, adding some kind of doubt and therefore creating a fake reality fueled by an obvious lack of confirmation and a state of uncertainty, usually used as an advantage.

Think of this at the end of the article…

The topic for today is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds exclusiveness and has been around for a relatively short amount of time but it also has generated intense debates and threads.

This post will be published under the (opinion) article opinion. It contains information but it can’t be flagged as news since there is some undeniable speculation on it, due to the uncertainty previously mentioned. So, for your information, these are just my views on this topic, and nothing else but that.


What’s PUBG?


Not so long ago, PUBG came out of nowhere and made some huge noise in the process. Made famous by the epic 100 player battles and the impressive active players count numbers on steam, boom went the dynamite. Eight million copies sold on four months and beating League Of Legends on twitch sounds pretty serious to me, ain’t that grand? You’ve got two achievements unlocked right there.



It shouldn’t be a surprise then that even the legendary Chinese giant business corporation Tencent (don’t be confused, they have way much more money than that!) attempted to “yuan” their way in, but the studio -very cleverly in my opinion- rejected their offer.


But hey, everybody knows how important funds are, right? and it seems Microsoft was not only the best bidder at the table (condition wise probably) but the right one too.

If you pay attention closely, Microsoft has stated the nature of the deal as launch exclusive. Recently, the one and only Mike Ybarra (Xbox engineering and great PUBG player) himself was asked multiple times about this on different Gamescom interviews; the answer was “launch exclusive” and “that’s BlueHole’s choice”


Here’s what I am talking about:

Q: PUBG – there’s some confusion around the exclusivity. Is it a console exclusive? Or is it just that you are exclusively publishing it on Xbox?

Mike Ybarra: We’re publishing it on Xbox and it’s a console launch exclusive. For anything else – we don’t like to answer on behalf of developers, so you’d have to ask Bluehole. I’ve got a large portion of my team working with them to optimise it and their [Bluepoint] focus is entirely on the PC and Xbox, period, to get that done. And I’m addicted to the game. [laughs]

Q: So there’s nothing to stop it launching on another platform in the future?

Mike Ybarra: You’d have to ask Bluehole.

Q: But just to be clear, by console launch exclusive you mean timed exclusive.

Mike Ybarra: It’s up to Bluehole. We’re not the developer.

Q: Sure, but I mean, you know those guys, it’s coming out on your console…

Mike Ybarra: As a launch exclusive.

Q: OK, it’s a launch exclusive. I sense we’re not going any further than that!

Mike Ybarra: [laughs]

You can bet how hardcore Xbox fans want it to be a full console exclusive, and I understand that, but it’s more likely a temporary exclusive, despite the “launch” term used by Ybarra. It’s a PR thing, trust me. Mike doesn’t confirm the temporary exclusive deal but it should be, at worst, this kind of deal, since a launch exclusive wouldn’t make sense if the next day it launches on another platform.

If you take a look at Minecraft, it was also published (and owned) by MS and that didn’t stop them from taking it to every platform, including Nintendo’s Switch and Sony’s PlayStation. Minecraft could have been a system seller if Microsoft had kept it exclusive for Xbox, but it didn’t; so it made them earn MILLION$ instead.

The PS version probably hasn’t been coded yet, neither will be in a near future, but most likely it will end up happening someday. And that’s good for Microsoft, Sony, PUBG devs and both console player base, especially with cross-play on talks according to Aaron Greenberg.

This and the fact that no one has dared to deny an eventual PS4 version yet makes me believe what some fear, some try to hide and others don’t say; IT IS NOT a console exclusive.


In conclusion, Xbox One players should be happy about it and celebrate that PUBG is coming soon, but if you think it is a fully exclusive deal you’ve got another thing coming. I might be wrong but at least I (try and) believe I have a point, only time will tell. 

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