Why I’m Waiting For The Next Xbox To Upgrade (Opinion)

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Xbox fan, in fact to the exclusion of most other platforms. But I wanted to explain why I am not purchasing an Xbox One X, and there may be others who feel the same.

The Xbox One X (I’ll just refer to it as the One X from here on out) is a wonderful piece of technology, crafted to offer the most powerful gaming experience console gamers have ever experienced with vivid 4k resolution, upgraded visuals, and bigger and better worlds. I’m very excited for it, I think it’s going to push gaming worlds and experiences further and help Xbox get back into the race against rival Sony (who has had a very strong couple of years in the lead). I hope millions of people pick one up and enjoy it. I just won’t be one.

Here’s the thing: Like many gamers I live on a budget. I also have a pretty decent 1080P TV already, and the lineup of bundles, custom consoles, and discounts on the One S going into this holiday season are very tempting. In fact I will be seeking out one of those bundles. I haven’t had an Xbox One since the beginning of 2015 and am looking to jump back in and the One S seems to be a great option for that. Aside from the bundles and custom consoles, it’s already 4k ready and HDR capable, so if over the next couple years I decide to upgrade my TV, I’ll already be able to enjoy 4k media content and upscaled games.

Xbox One S Bundles

There’s also the fact I won’t be left behind; all games for the One X will also be on the One S and One, allowing gamers to continue to enjoy high quality entertainment throughout this generation without worry of being left out. They won’t be playable with 4k textures, pixel counts, and effects, but they will still be great looking games.

And then there’s the fact that the Xbox One line has now been in existence for 4 years. The One X will certainly extend that life by a few more years, but even now the next Xbox console is being developed and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s ready to compete with a possible PlayStation 5 in 2019 or 2020.

It’s strange for me to be in this predicament: Back in the days of the Xbox 360 I had to have every new model of the console as they came out. When the Elite came out? Traded in everything to have the money to get it. When the 360 S came out? Same story. I was only working part time, I was a young adult, and having the latest, slimmest Xbox was my top priority. I still consider gaming to be my lifestyle, not just a hobby, but as a grown adult I have bills, I have obligations, so having a nice gaming setup is a priority but I don’t need to go spend a thousand dollars on it right now.

So is the One X going to be awesome? Epicly so. And I wish it the best and huge success. But for now, I want to grab a nice One S bundle with some extra games, and use the money I’m not spending on 4k and the One X to get a set of gaming headphones and charging cable. Over the next couple of years I’ll put back little bits of money here and there in preparation for the next generation of Xbox gaming. Then I plan to have the money to go all out for Xbox.


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