Why You Should Wait on Getting Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is the newest game from Crytek and it is a game I have been following since I first heard about it around half way through last year. However, when it finally released, it did so under the “early access” banner.


Personally, I avoid the coveted “early access” games like the plague and every time I don’t, I seem to get burned. So, I was sceptical with Hunt. However, I picked the game up for $30 USD which is what the game is going for on Steam because I really enjoy the concept here.

hunt_key-art_full-size_crop_with_Textured_Logo_RGB_1920_x_1080 (1)

Hunting monsters, encountering other players, hiring hunters since each time you die that hunter is dead along with it. It just really grabbed me. Plus, the game is developed by Crytek so, I kind of knew the game was going to look amazing.

But, this article isn’t about potential. It’s about what we actually have right now. So, before I start, I just want to say, I’m not ragging on the game for having bugs, glitches, lag. It’s early access and is specifically stated that these issues will occur. I bought the game to experience the beginning product and the finished product.


However, I do think the game, unless you want to pay Crytek to test their game, is a game that you should wait on picking up. I should also state that I am an Aussie player so I have no Oceania servers to play on. The closest is US servers which if you couldn’t tell, means lag, pretty much throughout.

Now, I actually did reach out to Crytek about this issue and they responded saying that Oceania servers are being discussed and should have an announcement soon. So, hopefully this issue will be short lived, but if you are an Aussie, I would wait until this feature is implemented.


I also had issues with long loading screens that tended to freeze, and a black screen after just loading into a game. Also experienced screen tearing.

Look, I can see the fun to be had here. But, as a multiplayer only game, and reading that lag is an issue even with people in the US. Crytek also has recently implemented a server cap to limit server stress, which I understand but still can be a little frustrating knowing you spent money on a game and are being told when you can play.


As I said, the potential for greatness is here. But, until the game feels more like a full retail game and less early access, I would advise you to wait on Hunt: Showdown. Or at least wait until servers become more stable, that’s all I’m saying. Crytek is constantly listening and updating the game so, you may not be waiting long at all.

Also remember, an Xbox One and PS4 release are planned. I can only assume these will be the full game and not an early access version. All I can say is, be patient, greatness is here, just not yet.Hunt-Showdown

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