Will Marvel’s Spider-Man Release on any other platform except PS4?


Straight from the developer themselves, Insomniac Games. As part of the licensing deal which allows Spider-Man to appear in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, Playstation has secured the exclusive rights to the Spider-Man character as well as several others from the Spiderverse, such as Mary-Jane. This guarantees that the only platform the game will ever be on will be Playstation, unless Sony makes a decision to bring it anywhere else. This is different from games such as Crash Bandicoot, Hellblade and No Man’s Sky; which are all announced for multiple platforms, as those games were all third party developed with no exclusivity deal. As the developer has used social media to make their feelings clear on the game’s exclusivity, it is hopeful that angry fans of other platforms will stop abusing Insomniac.

Please don’t do this. It’s ridiculously petty, pathetic and embarrassing for anyone to be involved in this. Especially using some of the words seen here. Don’t let this be what a talented developer sees when they log into social media, it gives the incredible hobby of video games a bad reputation. The Sunset Overdrive devs have been very active recently as the release date for the highly anticipated Spider-Man gave was revealed this week alongside a bunch of new gameplay details. These include a Photo Mode and the fact that all of New York’s windows in game will feature dynamic reflections rather than pre rendered images.

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