Witcher 3 Xbox One X patch is live

Upgrade Patch 1.60 for Xbox One X is out!

The long-awaited patch, or maybe one of the most anticipated patches is here. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has just received the upgrade patch for the Xbox One X which enhances the game to take advantage of the additional power available with the console. A Similar patch for the PS4 Pro was previously released a few weeks back.

The long-awaited patch introduces a number of graphical features and tweaks to the game across two different visual fidelity options – A 4K Mode and a Performance Mode.

In the 4K mode the game will run with native 4K resolution (which will be supersampled on a non-4K display) with stable frame rate of 30fps, whereas the Performance mode utilizes Dynamic Resolution scaling (from 1080p up to 4K) while it targets 60fps. Both modes however will support HDR.

It is very easy to switch between these modes. You will need to access the Options>Display from the main menu.


Here in the advanced section is where you will be able to choose between the 4K Mode and the Performance Mode.

Below are the list of changes the patch covers for the Xbox One X:

  1. 2 New graphic modes: 4K Mode and Performance Mode
  2. Support for 4K resolution
  3. HDR support
  4. Enhanced shadows, ambient occlusion and texture filtering
  5. Higher resolution textures
  6. Dynamic resolution scaling (from 1080p to 4K)

Additional PS4 Pro patch is coming soon

An upgrade patch introducing HDR support will soon be released for the PS4 Pro console as well.

Is this the patch you have been waiting on? I know I have, well at least I was telling myself that, as I’ve owned this game and all the DLC since they launched across 3 platforms only to never actually dive in to the game. With this patch and support it just might be time to dive in and see what all the fuss is about when it comes to this game.

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