Xbox Code 4 Vets Challenge 

*UPDATED: Achievement unlocked.*

An epic piece of news just dropped on social media, from now (November 1st) through to November 7th if 25 million achievements are unlocked in this time Xbox have said that they will donate $500,000 to Code 4 Vets, for those that are unaware of what this is it is the Call of Duty Endowment set up to provide grants to help charities that helps put unemployed veterans back into work.

A truly remarkable cause and one well worth picking your remote up and grabbing even the most easiest of achievements as each and every one you get will help Xbox achieve this target. It’s not just Call of Duty that these achievements need to come from, although with a certain WW2 around the corner I  etc a fair few will be, it is ANY achievement  from ANY game so get yourself comfy and let the achievement hunting commense.

In addition to this awesome challenge you also have the chance of purchasing packs for the various Call Of Duty games listed below to help the Call Of Duty Endowment.

On top of that you also have the chance of winning some amazing prizes in the Rally The Troops Sweepstakes. Prizes range from a special custom Rally The Troops Xbox Box One S,a copy of Call Of Duty WW2 and Xbox controllers. Heres how you can enter ;

  1. Log on to your Xbox
  2. Select to opt in on the Xbox One Rally the Troops billboard
  3. Play your favorite multiplayer game during from November 1 – November 7


  1. Follow @Xbox on Twitter
  2. Retweet the Rally the Troops #XboxSweepstakes post

Good luck to everyone taking part and happy achievement hunting.

For those who wish to learn more about the great work that Codes 4 Vets do take a look at their website Call of Duty Endowment where you can also donate, aswell as reading some inspirational stories from true heroes.

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