Xbox Game Clip & Screenshot Share Feature Is Being Re-Looked At

The Xbox Game Clip and ScreenShot share feature has always been not so user friendly. Users have always had to jump through a couple loops to be able to post their awesome game stomping clips or beautiful in game imagery. In order to be able to properly post to social media. Players have to go into their recent captures, share option then you have multiple choices to send it to your Activity Feed/Message/Club/Twitter or One Drive.

When sharing to Twitter, it uploads directly to your linked Twitter account but it has always been a direct link to your personal xbox page as a link to the clip. It has never been just a simple upload to the site with it being a link to another site. Ps4 has this feature down pact. You can simply upload to twitter, and that’s it. No gimmicks, no hoops no having to upload to One Drive, or Re-Downloading onto whatever device your using then re-uploading to twitter or whatever social media page.

With the Ps4 you just simply share to Twitter and automatically uses the hashtag #Ps4Share for your Screenshots. For game clips, it even adds a link to the store page to the game that you are playing. These types of features are absolutely fantastic and makes it very user friendly for everyone.


Colteastwood, a YouTube Video Producer took to twitter and posed a question to Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) that many people have been wondering and asking for a very long time. Ybarra redirected the question to Jason Beaumont who is the Experience Lead for Xbox and PC Gaming for Xbox. He was able to properly answer the question.


This is great news! A lot of Xbox fans have been wanting this feature to be re-worked for a very long time including myself. We can only hope that it is as smooth and reliable as the Ps4 Share feature.


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