Xbox GamesCom Stream Highlights 2017

GamesCom 2017 was heavily anticipated by Xbox fans for one big reason: The Xbox One X pre orders were promised to start.

The rest of the 90 minute stream mostly rehashed what we’ve already seen at E3 with a lot of the same trailers and games talked about, but there were a few standouts that caught our attention.

Jurassic World: Evolution

Jurassic World: Evolution looks to be a mix of Tycoon and Real Time Strategy, with the players building and managing their own Jurassic theme park and dealing with possible catastrophes(like a rampaging t-rex) at the same time. It could turn out to be fun, it’s been a while since there was a serviceable game in this beloved franchise.
Not many details have been shared aside from the announcement trailer, but the developers promise to have more at Frontier Expo 2017 and we’ll be sure to update you when we hear more.

Quantum Break One X Enhanced

This one has been requested by fans ever since Enhanced games were announced for One X. Quantum Break was developed by renowned Remedy Games Studios and was a successful Xbox exclusive with impressive visuals, 4k enhancement should be a real treat. Hopefully they start looking to enhance some of the other fan favorites such as Sunset Overdrive and Ryse: Son of Rome.

Minecraft Limited Edition One S Console

Whether you’re a Mincecraft fan or not, this console looks awesome. The Limited Edition features the signature blocky style of Minecraft with colors to match. Two Limited Edition controllers will also be available, the green “Creeper”(shown above) and a pink pig styled one as well. With the One S positioned as the mass-market device this Holiday this version should sell to the family audience and the hardcore Minecraft fan alike.

Player Unknown’s: Battlegrounds Publishing Deal and Possible Crossplay

This game has proved to be a wild success on PC(selling over 8 million copies) and is coming exclusively to Xbox One. At the GamesCom event it was announced that Bluehole and Microsoft had entered into a publishing deal and Bluehole would receive additional development resources. This could include possible crossplay between PC and Xbox gamers but nothing has been announced for sure.
The publishing deal is interesting because it does not wrap up PUBG as an exclusive forever, at least not yet, only for launch. This is probably a similar deal as the one Microsoft made with Crystal Dynamics for Rise of The Tomb Raider, locking it up for the first year. Titanfall would also be a good example of this type of deal, as the original game had actually run over budget and Microsoft stepped in to fund the completion of the game, and locked it up as an exclusive.
These sorts of deals give Microsoft some advantage in launching the game first, the advantage to the developer is the vast resources of Microsoft and special treatment with heavy promotion being done that they may never have been able to afford on their own.
We’ll see how it plays out, but Xbox fans should be excited for this one.

Xbox One X Pre Order Launch

Of course, what everyone was waiting for, the opening of pre orders.
The first few minutes were chaotic, with even the official Microsoft Store site not updating for the sales, but eventually it got there and pre orders began selling out at all the major retailers, Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, and the Microsoft Store. More have trickled in since yesterday but the limited Project Scorpio Edition seems to be gone.
Seems that there was pent up demand for “The most powerful console in the world” and this could turn out to be an exciting Holiday, at least in terms of sales, for the Xbox One X. Hopefully everyone gets their hands on one and has fun.

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