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Xbox Gives The Gift That Keeps On Giving

During PAX West Xbox Programing Director Major Nelson discussed with Xbox Platform CVP Mike Ybarra about the option of gamers gifting games to each other and having wish lists. Out of the conversation the one thing that stood out was two words “Very Soon”.

Major Nelson: “Do we have a timeline on gifting and wishlists from the Store team yet?

Mike Ybarra: “I would say one of those is “very soon,” and the other thing is on the list of things we need to get to. And we understand the –”
Major Nelson: And we can’t tell you which one. But we know that’s what fans and customers want out of a modern store. Absolutely. But we’ve got a massive scale to deal with, but we’re going to get there. Just bear with us.”

This feature would be very useful for special events such as birthdays, Holidays, and even giveaways. I know I’ll be using the feature when it releases. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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