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Xbox goes into Full ‘Crysis’ Mode, but in a positive way

The announcement all FPS fans have been waiting for has already been made; today, October 17th, Xbox will be adding the Crysis trilogy to its Backward Compatible list.

The epic FPS shooter from EA/Crytek has a massive fan base so this news will be a welcome addition to the growing number of games being added to the BC list, and those of you who have never delved into the Crysis world (yeah, I know… people’s life choices eh!!!) now is the perfect time to start. When it first came out on the 360, I thought the graphics and gameplay were far more superior than any other FPS at the time and would look even better with a HD boost.

So finally we can play every Crysis game on the Xbox One, I personally love the series ever since the release of the first Crysis so this news pleases me and maybe brings back the hopes a bit for a Crysis 4 announcement… sometime… in the near future… maybe… Here’s hoping.

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