Xbox: My Home For Shooters

I spent most of my life playing games on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, I always saw myself carrying on to the next generation but for some reason most of my friends were more excited for the Xbox 360. I hadn’t made the jump to the next generation until after the release of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and I was still content with what I had and was still wondering which one to get. 


I got fixated on getting an Xbox 360 after I played Halo 3 at a friend’s house. When I was younger, shooter games were all I played and I used to stay up all night playing games like the Timesplitters trilogy, Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 3 on the PS2 . But it wouldn’t be until the very moment I got my 360 that I would truly enter the world of online competitive shooters. It was all split-screen up until that point. 

When I look back, Xbox was always the company looking to secure what they could for the online shooter market and they always seemed to focus on the social aspect of gaming, which I have become very grateful for, as I have made many friends playing custom games on Halo 3 such as Cops and Robbers. I put in days of hard work playing with friends on Call of Duty 4 chasing the next prestige. We did all-nighters completing all of the Gears of War games on insanity. My girlfriend and I put our relationship to the test playing through the Borderlands games. I played with friends I rarely got to see, games like the Battlefield Bad Company Series and Battlefield 3. 



Shooters brought me closer to a lot of my friends and family and it was always the Xbox 360 where we came together. Now that we’ve all grown up and headed down different paths, it is the Xbox One that keeps us together today, to a lesser extent though. And although my love for the shooter genre isn’t as strong as it used to be, I never say no to a game of Rainbow Six Siege or the rebooted Star Wars Battlefront. The end of 2017 will see the release of three of my most anticipated games: Call of Duty WW2, Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2. All of which seem to have reignited our need to play together; it’s games like these that bring people back together whenever they can. 


As I’ve gotten older and my tastes in games have shifted, sometimes I do feel negatively about Xbox’s focus on the social shooter genre. A lot of the announced exclusives such as State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 and the launch exclusive of PUGB sometimes make me wish that they would also shift to other genres.



Of course Xbox’s online service is where the console truly shines but if they could invest in some exclusive RPGs down the line I know many people who would be very grateful. Like I said, my tastes have changed and I’m always looking for a good story-driven game or a game where I can create characters. It’s important that Xbox considers a larger variety of games in the future. But I know that, no matter what, for the foreseeable future I will always invest hours into shooter games on my console with my gaming family that has been growing steadily since 2008.


Thank you Xbox.

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