Xbox One X launch gives Microsoft hardware sales a boost

Despite not having any detailed sales figures for Microsoft’s gaming hardware their recent financial report has given an insight into how the Xbox division is performing. For the period ending January 31st 2018; beginning in November, Microsoft recorded an 8% revenue increase over the same period in 2017. This may not seem monumental, but consider that in 2017 during this period the Xbox One S launched and recorded multiple monthly sales victories over Sony’s Playstation 4 according to the NPD group, meaning Microsoft must have had healthy sales figures. Improving on this is encouraging for Microsoft’s gaming division going forward. The companies’ Personal Computer income only raised by 2% year on year (although this is dealing with much higher figures) but this still shows that the gaming division has clearly been a financial success.


Service revenue also increased by 4% in the gaming division. Most of this can likely be attributed to Xbox Live subscriptions but some will be due to the excellent game pass program available exclusively on Xbox consoles. Xbox Live now has 59 million active users, a 4 million increase from the year before and 10 million higher than 2016. This dramatic increase is certainly intrinsic with the release of new hardware, further cemented the fact that Microsoft as a company will be happy with the current successful growth of the Xbox brand. Software sales also grew 4%, and in the 24 page slideshow presentation that Microsoft provided for investors (available online to the public) the company notes that the lack of AAA game releases in the quarter (compared to 2016) is the main factor for the lack of substantial software growth.


From a gamer’s perspective its great to see Microsoft happy with the Xbox brand’s performance. Competition is key and giving gamers as many options as possible will never be a bad thing. A healthy Microsoft always equals a healthy Sony. Congratulations to Xbox on their Q2 success! Now I’m going to play Forza Horizon 3 on the Xbox One X, reading through financial data isn’t exactly the most fun way to spend an afternoon, but luckily will provide all this condensed information so you’ll never need to bore yourself!

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