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You can Catch Pokémon While Watching the Twitch Marathon
Twitch Hosting Extensive Pokémon Marathon

Twitch is hosting a massive Pokémon live-streaming marathon, featuring 19 seasons (932 episodes), and 16 movies, streamed in multiple languages. You can tune into TwitchPresents on August 27th for all the fun, including several interactive features. You will be able to earn badges and points to compete with other viewers, and you can even catch Pokémon as they appear on screen – it seems from the language of their announcement you will even be able to catch the ever-elusive Shiny Pokémon:

“If you think you have what it takes to become a Pokémon Master, prove it with the Twitch Presents: Pokémon Badge Collector extension. When Pokémon appear on stream, catch them to earn points and compete with other viewers. Stay vigilant and you may even capture a rare Pokémon or two…”

The first run of the episodes will run Monday through Thursdays, with second-run episodes running on the weekends. Do you have what it takes to Watch ‘Em All?

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