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Life is Strange 2 – Episode 1 “Roads” – Review
Set out on a road trip of discovery with the Diaz brothers

Back in 2015, a small French company called DontNod released, though Square Enix, the first episode of what would become one of the most beloved games in recent memory. A game that soon garnered a very loyal fan base and wasn’t shy in challenging our moral compasses or taking on difficult subject matters. It was […]

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Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake – finally – and it’s brilliant (in 15 minute short fan film)
... and Stephen Lang is Sully!!!

Ever since the first Uncharted game was released and Nathan Drake swaggered onto our screens, fans have clamoured for Nathan Fillion as the perfect casting choice to play him. Even the man himself has been open to it for that long. With an Uncharted movie floundering in development hell and Spider-Man Tom Holland attached to […]

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Maize Review

Overview Dropped into the middle of a cornfield, with no explanation on who you are, Finish Line’s Maize will take you on a journey of discovery within a Scientific Research Facility. Your mission (possibly) to find out just what the two mad scientists were up to and why it all went horribly wrong. Along the […]