Downward Spiral: Horus Station Review
Killer robots? Zero Gravity? "Comet me bro"

Sometimes a break is needed from mutilating zombies, capturing outposts and saving the world. Downward Spiral: Horus Station, from 3rd Eye Studios, takes us on an immersive journey through environmental storytelling. Whether you love to experience space in VR or want to traverse a ship with a controller, Horus Station is diverse and begging to […]

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Ninjin: Clash of Carrots Review
Ninjin pays homage to the classic coin-operated side scrolling beat ‘em ups of yore. Is it worth the quarters?

Story When Shogun Moe steals all of the carrots from the villagers, it’s up to Ninja Warrior Rabbit Ninjin and Ninja Fox Akai to follow the thieves and reclaim the stolen treasure. Follow the villains through four worlds inspired by feudal Japan and show Shogun Moe he messed with the wrong rabbit! Gameplay Ninjin: Clash […]

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Review
Sunset Underdrive?

Remember E3 2016? I do for one amazing reason. The spectacular reveal that Insomniac would be making a licensed video game for the first time in their twenty-two year history, Spider-Man, exclusive to PS4. This was the studio that brought us Spyro and Sunset Overdrive for a start, they’re industry icons. This was a match made in heaven. I pretty much cried […]

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Sir Questionnaire

Sir Questionnaire! Review
Attack, Search, Unlock

Dungeon Diving with Sir Questionnaire You get a speedy Rogue-lite game when you jump into Sir Questionnaire. With a simple interface and remarkably charming graphics, the game has you progressing through floors of traps, altars, ambushes, mysterious dungeon doors spelunking for loot. With only 75.2 MB at the time of writing, any phone has the […]

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Strange Brigade Review

From Oxford based Rebellion we have Strange Brigade, a very British third-person shooter with a strong tinge of Indiana Jones. Rebellion was previously best known for the Sniper Elite series which explains this title’s historical roots. This isn’t some boring historical retrospective, you’ll be fending off giant scorpions, mummies, minotaurs and pretty much any other […]

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Planet Alpha Review
This 2D puzzle platformer is the gift that keeps on giving

When I hear ‘Platformer’ I have flashbacks to the likes of Cuphead, Celeste and Rayman. Frustrating, annoying and rage inducing. I shuddered at the thought of Planet Alpha being the ‘Dark Souls of Platformers’. However, Team 17’s 100th game is something extremely special. When I loaded up this stunning sci-fi puzzler, I was met with […]

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Shikhondo: Soul Eater Review
An intense shoot'em up with a beautiful oriental twist

It’s been a long time since I have played a shoot’em up game. The genre seems to be taking a back seat, reserved for arcade machines or bowling alleys. Shikhondo: Soul Eater is from indie developers DeerFarm and combines bullet hell with a beautiful oriental design. Has DeerFarm rekindled my love for shoot’em ups? Here […]

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Dead Cells Review
Unforgiving. Frustrating. Wicked. Fun.

Summertime – that wonderful time between major tentpole releases. Summertime is often a chance to try and immerse yourself in your backlog, hunt down trophies or achievements that you’ve been putting off, or forget gaming altogether to spend time in the sun. This summer I found myself spending time away from my consoles, as nothing […]

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Forsaken Remastered
Nightdive Studios Does It Again.

Forsaken Remastered is the latest remaster from wizard developer Nightdive Studios, the masterminds behind the Turok and Turok 2 remasters. The original Forsaken launched back in 1998 to mostly positive reviews drawn from its six degrees of movement the game offers. The question, much like was the case with the Turok remasters, is how a […]

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