Little Town Hero Review

A Little Town Hero

Little Town Hero follows a young boy on his yearning to become a knight and the trails he has to overcome to get there. Normally a miner, you go about your daily duties when suddenly you find a red stone. This beefs up your brain and strength letting you handle the many hurdles you may encounter on your journey. The story is set in a mysterious village really isolated from the rest of the world. Somehow, in a  village where the only entrance and exit is the castle, monsters start to pop up mysteriously. Your job is to defend the village against the onslaught of monsters that begin to appear.

Little Town Hero at play

…And I declare war. Everyone played War, the card game which I may describe as the simplest I ever played if it is even called by the same name these days. The concept is fairly simple where two players “battle” each other by flipping the top card of the deck hoping that theirs is the highest suit. The winner keeps both cards and basically whoever runs out first is the loser. In Little Town Hero the battle mechanics are just the same. You have a set amount of energy that you can use to summon the Izzits (Ideas) in your head, into Dazzits (Actions).  As you progress through the battle, on your turn ending, you will gain more max energy to use as the battle goes on. Add to this mechanics that have you moving your map position and using items to help you in battle, it gets pretty complex. Honestly, I could sit here and try to explain but I feel the only way to truly get a grip for it would be to see it in action.

Here is a basic guide to the combat in the game

So as you can see, there are tons of elements to the battle system here (card game), and the guide above isn’t even showing you all that the game has to offer.  Now is Little Town Hero fun?  Yes. There are several sidequests you can do and the town is a great place to explore. You may have heard that it was advertising being an RPG for gamers that don’t have the time anymore to sit and grind their levels traditionally.  For me, I felt that the battles took for-ever.  I took maybe 30 minutes on one particularly difficult battles towards the beginning. Thankfully the switch lets you save mode otherwise it would just be hopeless for me.

While the game is fun and has one of the best battle mechanics I have seen in an RPG, the complexity of everything and the thinking ahead ruined me, and I am usually good strategizing. I really struggled with the battles because I would always cause an even break and never actually damage the monster. I was too busy blocking for my life. Here I am beating one of these battles by the skin of my teeth. Yes, it is one of the first battles don’t judge me.


Easy on the eyes and ears

Cute graphics with endearing yet threatening monsters is what originally sold the game to me. Sounds familiar? Game Freak really job of balancing fierce and cute. The vibrant colors really engage you and the dialogue is funny. I actually laughed out loud to myself a few times while playing the game which was super refreshing in a day of grim single-player rainy games. The music is cheerful lovely music is created by the delightful Toby Fox who scored Undertale. High quality for those who hold music above other elements in a game. The only complain is, I feel the Dazzits are all played out similarly. With a jumping flaming pick ax chop. Which is cool but it can only be that neat so many times before it loses its flare.

Overall, it seems like this is a great title to add to Game Freak's line up. The battle system is complex but once it is understood, you can really take control of the fight. Little Town Hero ended up feeling more to me like a Puzzle game, where you get two decks against each other and the best man wins. The tedious length of the different battles is what really turned me off as I progressed. Please understand that while I complain about the battle length, I must reiterate I am not good with logic and numbers and such so it may honestly be just my dense brain that doesn't make the battles efficient. Pick this up if you need a break from something or if you are looking to juggle some games. Definitely not "the main game I am playing" material but a great game regardless.
  • Beautiful Game
  • Wonderful Music
  • Fun Game System
  • Hilarious Dialogue
  • Battles can Drag
  • Unable to skip dialogue

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