Avicii Invector Review

Lasting Tribute to a Legend

Tim Bergling was an incredible personality who was known worldwide. His music brought joy to millions and continues to do so even if in 2019, a full year after his heartbreaking passing. Before his passing, he was already known across the globe as Avicii, one of the most prolific DJs of this generation with hits like Hey Brother and the legendary Wake Me Up, receiving nothing but recognition and adoration from his legions of fans and millions more.  

Avicii’s death was an absolute tragedy for the world. Before his death, he was working on this video game in collaboration with Hello There Games and it is heart wrenching that he will never get to see this product come to fruition. This video game is an incredible tribute to his memory. A percentage of the profits will go to the foundation set up in his name but it also means that his music will have the opportunity to connect with millions of people from all walks of life in a fresh and engaging manner.  

The most impressive thins about Avicii: Invector is how accessible this video game truly is. There are multiple difficulty modes; easy, medium, hard, and each mode feels completely unique. Playing tracks on each genuinely feels like three different experiences. Easy is incredibly accessible and only requires a handful of inputs which anyone could pick up and play. You are intended to keep the beat with the music with your button presses which is very intuitive thanks to the tracks being chosen to have beats that you are already familiar with but you’ll also already have heard the songs. Another positive about Invector is that you’ll already know some of the beats incredibly well so getting in the swing of pressing the button to the tune will be very simple. You can adapt quickly to the repeating beats of the chorus as well which adds a wonderful sense of flow to this rhythm title.  

The gameplay is relatively simple and can be best described as in line with classic Guitar Hero titles. Your score is tracked and you must get more than 75% of inputs on the easiest difficulty in order to progress. This means you’ll never be stuck on one song and you have a constant sense of progression and you constantly unlock new options. The simplicity of the gameplay is Avicii Invector’s finest brand of genius as not only does it mean that anyone can play but also encourages people to watch you play and it encourages an excellent form of pass the controller multiplayer.  

You’re given a lettered grade based on how you perform in each level based on your score and how many inputs you manage to hit. This is portrayed through leader boards which brings in a wonderful sense of PvP multiplayer. You can play tracks that you love multiple times just trying to get that high score or just trying to get one up on yourself from your last attempt. This has a fantastic gameplay loop that will keep you engaged, potentially for hours even just playing the same track multiple times. There is a split-screen multiplayer mode which is good fun if you have the players to take part. 

If you are a fan of Avicii’s music then you will definitely enjoy listening to these tracks as you play. In total there are 25 tracks here which you have to unlock by progressing through the games very small story which features some cool graphic, almost comic book, design. By completing tracks in each area you unlock more. Since these tracks are all fully licensed it really does increase engagement with the game. The game looks absolutely stunning and the design of the tracks as you play is beautifully colourful. The colours really pop especially on an Xbox One X on a 4K television. 

The game’s story doesn’t really feel important or engaging it’s really just a way to add a little bit of progression to a title. The true star of this title is the legend himself, Tim Bergling. His music absolutely shines in this medium and Invector is a genuinely engaging and fun rhythm title. If you enjoy chasing high scores or just musical games in general then you’ll definitely find a lot to love in this excellent package.
  • 25 songs to choose from
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Chasing high scores
  • Basic story
  • Graphics can be distracting

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