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Rocket League has now Full Cross-Play Enabled

Rocket League has finally been able to enable complete cross-play between PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and now, PlayStation 4. All My Friends 🚐🚗🚛🚙 Full cross-platform play is now LIVE for all Rocket League players! https://t.co/QFTryZQRy3 pic.twitter.com/NbitRwmxOM — Rocket League (@RocketLeague) January 14, 2019 If you recall, Sony was very hesitant to allow their platform […]

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Hades Preview

Supergiant’s take on hell is decrepit yet majestic. Their unique style and storytelling oozes from every corner of Hades. Its beautiful visuals and fresh take on roguelikes are much needed in this time of copycats and bandwagoners. Previewed on PC (Epic Games Store). Story The story of Hades is pretty light. You play as prince […]