Torn VR: A Jigsaw Puzzle for the Narrative Mind

Torn VR

Torn VR is a good game.

From the mind of writers Neill Glancy (Stranglehold) and Susan O’Connor (Tomb Raider, BioShock), comes Torn VR. A sci-fi point-and-click mystery full of whimsy physics and disembodied voices. The mystery is deep and grows in complexity as the puzzles do. I would have to describe it as a fusion of “electricity conducting puzzles” where we have to line up all the correct circuits into place in order to solve the puzzle. It’s a light-hearted adventure with some dark questions to be answered. Lead vlogger Katherine Patterson as she solves the riddles of a mansion she seemingly happens upon. She is greeted by the “presence” of Talbot, a researcher but he isn’t truly there, it’s more like a disembodied voice. Think Navi from Ocarina of Time but British and a little tiny bit more annoying. Once you stumble into the mansion the journey begins.

Torn VR overview

Release Date:Out Now
Genre: Adventure / Narrative / Puzzle
Publisher: Aspyr
Developer: Aspyr
Size: 12 GB
Played on PSVR, can be purchased at:

Steam: $29.99
Playstation: $29.99

Torn VR and it’s Puzzleplay

After quick canvassing of friends that have come through my house, this game is not for everyone.  The game is a narrative pushed game at its core, this is true.  I feel the gameplay was more of a jigsaw puzzle kind of sensation. You know when you zone out trying to find just the right piece to complete the section you are working on then move to the next. Along all surfaces, you will find glowing symbols. Some have symbols; a variety of prongs, some serve as a connector, and so on. There are also several objects scattered throughout the area with matching symbols. From here we just match shapes and make sure the entire room’s circuits are complete to move on. Between these little puzzle sessions, you constantly earn little orbs which are fragments of the owner of the houses, Talbot’s, memories.  Memory orbs can also be found by randomly hovering your yet to be mentioned here, Gravity Tool.

Torn VR

Defying Gravity

The highlight in this game for me had to be the gravity tool you use to manipulate items from wine bottles to refrigerator units. The basic feature of this device is to control the gravity of an object. You just point with your sonic screwdriver basically, and then you connect with the object. You are now able to manipulate it a la Wingardium Leviosa. This will help you twist, turn and life the object into the perfect position. Besides just working your jigsaw energy, you also use the flashlight attached to your gravity gun to spot little memory fragments inside of the objects inside each room. Just shine the light on it and if it reacts, snag it with the gravity beam and it’ll let out a little bit. These puzzle bits are interrupted with meta chas with Talbot. Pro-tip, use the gravity gun on Talbot’s blobby self as much as possible for maximum satisfaction. The physics on Talbot’s mass are enthralling to say the least.

Torn on the Graphics, Sweet on the Sound

Most of the time, Torn is a beautiful game with a rich atmosphere and intriguing albeit simple puzzling. It does suffer a bit in time with the VR interaction with the in-game world, and the harsh looking intro scene. The most annoying would have to be the glitches in the game, an unkown one was game-breaking and had corrupted my save file, so beware.  While it only happened once, having to start the game again was a drag, and made me realize there isn’t much replayability.

I digress so anyway, the grand amount of objects, while fun to flip and toss around the mansion, causes more problems for the player than it should. They get in the way of each other so you have to spend some time shoveling or trying to sniper aim your gravity tool hoping you catch the object.  The doors are somewhat annoying to open but definitely not a big deal. Having to chase down items that you fling away does become tedious. A bit of a “clean your room” sensation develops as you continue playing through the level.

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The Sound on the other hand really lends to the whole game in a generally positive way. The voice actor for Talbot does a fantastic job. The music is also very haunting but whimsical really completing the immersiveness of the VR part of Torn VR.

Torn VR is what you make of it.

I personally found the experience to be enjoyable so I gave it an above-average rating. I would be doing a disservice to my fellow gamers however if I told you everyone should jump into this. Sure, everyone should definitely give it a try. It is a unique experience and it is very immersive. However, the chance you would enjoy this after purchasing goes on a sharp decline if you have any type of aversion to puzzle games. There really isn’t much else to do but puzzle, which for me was a dream but for you would be a disaster. Take a glimpse here at the official trailer for the game now that you have an idea of what you are in for.


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