Call Of Duty Mobile Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, I’m sure you have without a doubt heard of the latest mobile adventure; the juggernaut of the FPS world… welcome to my Call Of Duty Mobile review.

Read on this Call Of Duty Mobile review to find out what I thought of this free to play online mobile game.

Although this isn’t the first time we have seen a Call Of Duty title appear on mobile devices, as we had Call Of Duty Strike Team a few years ago; the mission based campaign game which, at the time, was ok, but the ‘buggyness’ of the gameplay soon put me off. Next up we had Call of Duty Heroes, which was an attempt to get into the wide mobile free to play strategy market and wasn’t really a bad game but it just didn’t do enough to keep me hooked.

Call of Duty Mobile is like bringing the pure Sledgehammer experience to your mobile screen, carrying the ever popular fps multiplayer format to mobile devices along with many of the well known characters and maps from the game.

Now, I am personally a massive fan of the Call of Duty franchise and have been since the very first game, so I am personally chuffed to be able to play a decent Call of Duty game on the go.

Air Strike inbound

When you boot up the game, it really looks like you are playing on console and not on mobile. The game itself seems very well put together from the start. You first are out through your paces in a tutorial to get yourself used to the controls. Now, here the game gets a bit tricky as the controls do feel strange at first; as you are not holding a controller, the controls are on the screen but these are responsive and do the job so to speak. You do get a choice of automatic shooting which is kind of a point and shoot type or the classic control, and I went for the classic control as I felt a lot more comfortable with that.

After the tutorial, you get into a matchmaking lobby that gets you into a game very similar to normal Call of Duty online. It also feels very much like the normal game although I did feel that it is a lot easier to rack up the kills; within the first few games I was able to rack up 25-30 kills and get MVP for the team. I will be honest: for some reason, I do struggle to reach those heights on console. But there’s an explanation for this; as well as PUBG mobile did, Call Of Duty Mobile also relies on adding bots at early levels, until you reach level 10 and those get replaced by real players. So yeah, that’s basically why you are getting free wins early on.

As you play the game you will unlock other multiplayer game modes which are Battle Royale mode and Zombies mode (zombie mode is coming soon) that we all love about the normal game, although I do normally stay clear of these modes and choose to just hammer the normal multiplayer. Also unlocked as you play is the ability to create clans, just like in the traditional game we all love.

There are different skins and weapons available alongside character skins that can be unlocked either through the game, which is very slow and grindy process or you can simply purchase in-game currency packs with real money, which is the quicker option but can also become the expensive option rather quickly if you’re not careful. If you are familiar with the Fortnite battle pass system where you gain skins and other unlockables as you gain XP, COD Mobile uses a similar model with the battle pass available to purchase from the in game store.

The game does seem to have a few bugs and issues with connectivity and matchmaking but whether this is down to the game still being in its infancy I’m not sure.

Graphics And Sound

At first glance, the graphics of Call of Duty Mobile are pretty impressive; all the maps look great as well as the character models to the point that you start forgetting that you are playing on mobile. Get up close and you see the downside of the graphics as the facial details are blocky at best and kind of let down the overall look of the game.

The sounds of the game are great from the soundtrack right down to the effects and it all adds to a pretty decent game.

Call of Duty Mobile is a good overall game but it does have issues and flaws whether this is down to it being a mobile game and it's trying its best or maybe due to the game's infancy... I guess only time will tell. As the game is free to play, it is worth downloading to see what the fuss is about. You can enjoy the game without spending a penny, my advice is to enjoy the game for what it is: a decent Call of Duty title on mobile albeit a good idea to play over wifi if you haven't got a decent data package.
  • It’s Call of Duty
  • Good gameplay
  • Easy to pick up
  • Face models are slightly blocky
  • Some matchmaking issues
  • In game currency

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