DYE Review

What is DYE?

DYE is an “endless death” hardcore or “precision” platformer. Think along the lines of games like the N+ or The Super Meat Boy franchise. It’s similar in the way that you should expect to die multiple times before completing the objectives. I assure you that with DYE, you will experience the cold shiv of death time after time. I feel so bad for our squishy little Hue, the protagonist of this rescue mission.

size: 694.99 MB,
price: $4.99
Buy Link: Buy DYE
Genre: Precision Platformer
Release date: 02/07/2018
Published & Developed by Bat Country Games
Reviewed on Xbox One
Also available on Steam

Single Player Gameplay Only

While it would be fantastic to see a multiplayer mode implemented, there is sadly no word of it yet. In hopes that this does give someone who works with the game an idea, a race mode against other players would be the multiplayer mode I need. On the other side of things, if I had to rely on another person to complete these challenging levels I would set the world ablaze with frustration. The game is set up in four worlds each with their own levels. The standard level will have you collect five little wisps called “Pigments” in an effort to bring back color to the world that was stolen by a hooded clan called the Necrolights. There are five pigments to collect in each level, but, it will not be an easy hop in the park.

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Each little domain is RIDDLED with death. There are spikes floors (and roof and walls). The saw blades taunt you as you have to time your jump perfectly to make it over them. Timed platforms that seemingly assist you on your journey betray you as soon as you jump off, leaving you to use your Kirby-like hover to slowly descend upon, guess what? a bed of spikes! Perhaps instead you prefer to die by a rainbow fireball or getting stamped out by an enemy. In some levels, you may need to set on fire, but that won’t kill you so jump in all the flame you’d like. Avoid the water though, that’ll kill you too. There are so many ways to die in DYE. Thankfully each of the standard levels has checkpoints in them so it is not too unforgiving.

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Besides the standard “collect five” levels, there are a few other hurdles to meet. This is when the game becomes possibly too hard for some. Once you collect all five pigments from a level, you unlock a hard mode for it. This is basically a level with more obstacles and no checkpoint at all. While this can be quite difficult, it’s a fantastic way for you to amass more pigments. Finally, come the challenge levels. These unlock once you beat the main levels of that given world. These play a little bit differently. There are 100 pigment fragments spread across an open world-ish level. If you can collect all of them, you will obtain five pigments. This can be…prorated, however. Collecting 20 fragments and dying will nail you one, 40 fragments will get you 2 pigments, and so on. Why the hell are we collecting pigments in the first place? Well, besides needed them to bring color back, you will need them to unlock boss stages! These work out being more survival stages where you must outlive a boss as they go through their motions. Below you’ll find a hefty amount of gameplay so you can observe the obstacles I mentioned along with the game’s first boss battle.

Pixel Perfect Graphics

The graphics of the game are of a very high detail. Think along the lines of Terraria or Towerfall Ascension. Everything moves beautifully smooth and seamless. I love the small details like the little pixels trailing off from fireballs or whenever Hue dies, his little body explodes into bits. The game is pretty polished especially considering the price!

A Soundtrack Worth Buying

The soundtrack for Hue has been one of the most enjoyable things about the game for me. Composer Danny Stracener created a fantastic whimsical masterpiece. The graphics and sound pair excellently and feels like there was some kind of research team that paired them with the levels of how perfect everything is set. The sound effects in the game itself are your standard retro bloops and blops.

iTunes – Spotify – Steam (Game purchase required)

A Glimpse at the Entire Palette

This game would have been a great buy at $20.00 price point but for $4.99 I can confidently say its a fantastic choice.  If you can overcome the uphill battle and push through, the sense of accomplishment is astounding. Blast the soundtrack while you navigate the terrifying stage in an attempt to save the world and bring back color into this monotype apocalypse.











  • Amazing Soundtrack
  • Challenging levels
  • Quick levels
  • Charming pixelated graphics

Not Cool

  • Can get too hard
Buy it on Xbox One

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