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Sea of Thieves gets a Content Roadmap

Executive Producer Joe Neate has released both a video and an article detailing the Sea of Thieves content roadmap. This shows many of the additions that Rare are going to be bringing to the Pirate adventure game. The main objectives of the additions are laid out as follows:

  • To bring players together in interesting ways, encouraging different types of player encounters
  • Enrich the world that players adventure in
  • Give players new ways to play
  • Give players a variety of goals and rewards
  • Broaden the journey to Pirate Legend and beyond

April will entirely be focused on bug fixes and addressing the top player feedback points. In May the first new content pack will launch: The Hungering Deep.

This brings a new AI threat to the world that crews will have to work together to discover and defeat. New mechanics and unique rewards will be introduced alongside this event. Weekly events also begin in May. This will introduce further new mechanics and give players new ways to play for new rewards. Going into Summer we will be introduced to the Cursed Sails. This update includes a new form of ship. After this is Forsaken Shores, ‘A new, perilous part of the world to explore.’ These updates will also include new mechanics and new rewards.

The developer also reiterated that all of these updates will be available to all Sea of Thieves players for free. Pets have been put on ‘the back burner’ while the team prioritizes content and the developer pledged to continue to listen to feedback while they work.

We are hugely excited to be beginning this phase of Sea of Thieves, and seeing where the adventure takes us.


– Joe Neate, Executive Producer

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