Armored Warrior – Shugendo

Location: So now you’re in the Senpou temple region surrounded by Monks. Aggressive, non-peaceful Monks. Once you reach the second idol you’ll climb a mountain face and have a wooden bridge in front of you. That’s where you’ll battle this dude.

Strategy: Another easy fight once you get your head around the fact that you can block every attack. Completely ignore his health bar, you can’t damage it. Posture is the name of the game here. He is very slow so just constantly blocking and then getting a couple of hits in after his combos is the way to go. Don’t bother with arts or tools here, just keep it really simple. The real trick is making sure you get him near the edge when you land the deathblow. If you use it in the middle of the bridge his posture will go back to half. He needs to be thrown over the side basically to end and win the fight.

Prize: Prayer Bead, Breath of Nature: Shadow – this is a skill.

Long-arm Gentipede Sen’un – Temple Grounds

Location: From the Temple Grounds idol you’ll see a couple of paths. In front of you is a building with a large courtyard, to the right is another building. Get on the roof and if you drop down (don’t) you’ll find the creature waiting.

Strategy: Like most bosses make sure you take out all of the small enemies before the main man, especially the ones on the beams above the arena. You can drop on the boss and do a stealth takedown then firecracker him to give you a chance to clear the final two enemies. The boss now has one life and you are going to listen very closely to everything I say. Stand still. Stand completely and utterly still. If you move you will die. This creature’s posture is very very weak. When he begins his combo all you need to do is hammer L1 rapidly to deflect it all. When he goes for his heavy attack double jump for a ton of posture damage. Don’t bother attacking. Just break his posture this way.

Prize: Prayer Bead, Yellow Gundpowder.

Folding Screen Monkeys – Main Hall

Location: From the main hall idol there’s a table right next to you. Interact with it to enter this unorthodox boss arena.

Strategy: This isn’t even a fight, it’s a platforming boss. There are four monkeys kicking about the arena for you to hunt down. The first is the Invisible Monkey who is always pretty close to you. He spawns directly behind you at the start so you might be able to turn around and get him early. Otherwise, just keep an eye on your back and eventually, you’ll spot his footsteps or hear him. Just blindly swing and he’ll appear on contact. Then there’s the Purple Monkey. I just chased him until he entered the room at the back, there’s a small platform here where I was one on one with the monkey, if you hit him once you’ll stagger him and be able to lay into him. Red Monkey now. He’s the slowest, just run at him and you’ll catch him easy. One time I found myself just standing next to him somehow, he has really low awareness. Green Monkey finally. This is the one I struggle with. Wait until he’s in the middle of the roof then give chase, eventually, he’ll have to jump away during the chase, you grapple faster than he jumps. As soon as you land next to him hit him to stagger him then lay into him. There are serious, genuine, puzzle solving ways to beat these. They are a lot more work than just blindly chasing them. You’re also given a bell which resets the positions of yourself and the monkeys. It’s useless.

Prize: Memory: Screen Monkeys, Puppeteer Ninjutsu – absolutely vital for the main ending.

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