Surprise! To no one. Like Bloodborne and the Souls series Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has multiple endings. Four to be precise. There’s the easy ending, the real ending, the true ending and the other ending that adds some extra lore. Those aren’t the real names. There’s the Shura Ending, the Purification Ending, the Immortal Severance Ending, and the convoluted Return Ending. Each has a few steps you need to follow to unlock it. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead.

Shura Ending.

Immortal Severance Ending.

Return Ending.


This is almost identical to the Immortal Severance Ending with one huge difference. Not really identical then eh? For this ending, there are a few annoying and tedious steps you’ll need to take before defeating the Divine Dragon. However, it is more than worth it for the extra lore and boss fights you’ll have access to. Atop Ashina Castle ensure you side with Kuro and defeat Owl. Light the incense then head to Fountainhead Palace and defeat the Corrupted Monk.

Then return to the Castle and eavesdrop on Kuro from behind the wall. Go and talk to Emma about what you overhear and she’ll move upstairs after you rest at the idol. Head up and agree with her when she offers you a choice. Head down to the Old Grave Idol (behind Ashina Castle) where Emma will be standing at the grave. Chat with her here and she’ll tell you she’s going to talk to the Sculptor. Head to the Dilapidated Temple and eavesdrop on Emma and the Sculptor from the back to overhear their conversation. Rest and confront Emma about this. After the confrontation, she’ll give you the “Father’s Bell Charm”. Use this to head back to a new version of the Hirata Estate where you’ll fight a different version of Owl. Defeat him to get the Aromatic Flower item which can be given to Kuro after you defeat the real final boss to unlock the Purification Ending.

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