V.O.I.D. Review

V.O.I.D brings us the next evolution of the human race; Ploids, which mixes modern tech with human DNA to develop the next-gen being to protect us from Alien attacks. Alpha and Omega travel through time to retrieve shards that can be turned into power so the fightback can begin.

Developed by Nape Games

Published by Jandusoft

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Price: $3.99

Available Now



Now, as you may be well aware of, from past reviews, I really enjoy retro games and love playing platformers, so when I came across V.O.I.D it was a no brainer that it was for me.

As soon as the game boots up you kind of get the feel of the retro vibe straight away with the old school style soundtrack and the 8-bit menu styles. The game seems quite simple and lets you get into it more or less straight away.

My first impression was that the game seems to have taken a lot of inspiration from the old Mario games, which is most definitely a good thing.

You get to choose from the two main characters Alpha and Omega. Alpha is all about speed and Omega is armed and dangerous. I picked Omega as I kind of love the whole run and gun thing. If you gave Mario a gun, you get the whole feel of the gameplay here.


Each level is split into acts or chapters and these get harder as you go on. The gameplay is true to the old school roots throughout the whole game and it is really an enjoyable ride.

There are some aspects I didn’t like; I found that playing as Alpha is slightly harder and I didn’t really like using her in comparison with Omega.

The movement of both is quite fluid and pretty normal in the world of platforming, however, another problem I came across was whenever I jumped. If you time the jump wrong, you will find yourself breaking the bricks above which in some cases is a good thing, but it can also be a hindrance as you can completely lose access to that route altogether.

Overall with the gameplay, I enjoyed the Anime cutscenes and loved the whole time travel action adventure vibe. It is definitely a game I would keep in my collection as a quick time killer.


Graphics and Sound

As you have already seen throughout this review, V.O.I.D has a very old school style in terms of gameplay. Also, the looking carries off in the same direction; the graphics are a fun pixel style, very similar to the gameplay era that inspires the game, you can tell that Jandusoft are big fans of the pixel platformers from days gone, as you can feel the passion coming through.

The sounds are great from the soundtrack to the effects, each are all nostalgic and very fitting to the style, there is no voice acting in the cutscenes but, to be fair, there doesn’t have to be as they aren’t that long and run pretty smooth.

To put my thoughts of V.O.I.D together, I would say it is a game I like a lot. It’s not, unfortunately, a game I’d say that I love but I would have it in my collection for a commuting journey or having a Sunday chill out. It is cheap and I would definitely recommend taking a punt on the title to see a great tribute to the pixel days gone by.
  • Retro style
  • Great soundtrack
  • Fun gameplay
  • Some aspects get annoying
  • One character harder to grasp than the other

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