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We are just a group of passionate journalists who love to review games no matter what platform and also write news as well as running giveaways. We really hope to reach the community with every word and article from this site so we can keep growing.

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Sometimes we include affiliate links on our site, giving us the chance to earn a commission, which isn't 100% guaranteed. Even though a purchase has been completed that doesn't mean we are getting a share of it; there are different factors to take into account. The product price is the same; buying through our link doesn't make it more expensive but instead, might help us to partially cover server and domain costs and in addition to that, also prevents us from relying too much on ads. These affiliate links are usually the best offers from the most reliable sellers; that's our compromise

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Mike Ross
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Hello there, I'm Mike Ross

I'm really passionate about gaming in general, but I really love sandbox, shooters and strategy games. I usually play on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. I'm also a freelance journalist, law student, guitar player and musician.
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Aday B.
Editor , Founder , Writer

Drummer, freelance writer, nurse and xbox gamer.


Gamertag: adayjoker93

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