Author: Chris M

Devolver Digital E3 2019 Direct Wrap-up

Devolver Digital E3 2019 Direct Wrap-up Devolver Digital released their E3 2019 video, lampooning a number of subjects in the gaming world, from DLC to storefronts to monetization of games in general, and presented this ...[Read More]

RIOT: Civil Unrest Review

IV Productions RIOT: Civil Unrest is a port of an inventive strategy game originally launched on Steam, and the result of a successful fundraising campaign on IndieGogo.     Story   Riot: Civil Unrest give...[Read More]

Anthem VIP Demo First Impressions

Before I get started, I want to make one disclaimer. I also had connection issues with Anthem on Friday, and I floated around my Xbox to see if they’d resolve themselves (I managed to get into a game early on, but it hun...[Read More]

2019 New Years Gaming Resolutions

It’s the New Year – and with the change of the calendar comes an opportunity to push the reset button and set some goals for positive change. While the glow of the new year slowly fades as we march onward into 2019...[Read More]

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Switch Review

Wasteland 2 has roots that go deep into gaming’s history. Developer inXile was founded by longtime members of Interplay games – known for the original Fallout games. The game was the product of a successful Kicksta...[Read More]

Report indicates Walking Dead developer Telltale Games appears to be downsizing

Updated Telltale Games have just released a press statement via their official Twitter account, addressing the current situation; — The Walking Dead Game (@telltalegames) September 21, 20...[Read More]

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots Review

Story When Shogun Moe steals all of the carrots from the villagers, it’s up to Ninja Warrior Rabbit Ninjin and Ninja Fox Akai to follow the thieves and reclaim the stolen treasure. Follow the villains through four worlds...[Read More]

Dead Cells Review

Summertime – that wonderful time between major tentpole releases. Summertime is often a chance to try and immerse yourself in your backlog, hunt down trophies or achievements that you’ve been putting off, or forget...[Read More]

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