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Fourteen years after Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s original Lumines graced the PSP, the classic puzzle game has returned. From the creators of Rez Infinite we have Lumines Remastered. Developer Resonair has brought the musical puzzle game to modern consoles. Have they captured the heart and soul of the series or is it a simple rerelease? As a huge fan of the series I couldn’t wait to review this game and see if the legendary Lumines legacy had been preserved.

Release Date: 26th June 2018

Price: $14.99/£11.99

Size: 1.67 GB

Genre: Action RPG

Developed By: Resonair

Published By: Enhance


Lumines is a puzzle game, there’s no story to delve into here. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a wealth of single player content, far from it. There is plenty on offer in this package. Dive into the Challenge mode and take on multiple stages to unlock new skins and music. Skin Edit allows you to choose which skins you want to play using. Time Attack sees you eliminating as many blocks as you can in an allotted time. Puzzle and Mission are a series of objective based challenges. There are 100 puzzles where you have to assemble certain shapes and 50 missions with varying criteria, such as covering the entire field with blocks in a limited time.

There’s the competitive VS CPU mode, you play against ten AI enemies and try to force them into a game over state. Finally there is 2P Battle. This allows you to compete against another player using splitscreen. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t an online option. However, there is still an amazing amount of content on offer here considering the price and nature of the game.

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Move over Tetris, the true King is back. In Lumines you use colored blocks to form squares. A line moves across the field in time with the music playing in the background and removes completed squares from play. You can chain these together to rack up combos and earn points while ensuring that your blocks don’t cause a game over by overflowing. It’s an incredibly engaging gameplay loop. Very easy to learn but so intensely difficult to master, Lumines will absolutely hook you as you progress.

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The ‘one more go’ spirit of most puzzle games is thriving here. You won’t want to drop the controller as you strive to top your best time or to clear the mission you’re stuck on. There’s so much content on offer that it will never get repetitive. Stuck on a puzzle? Try a mission. Bored of missions? Take on the computer. There’s always something to do whether you’re looking for something relaxing to distract you or intense to capture your full attention.

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Graphics and Sound

The true heart and souls of a Lumines game; the visuals and the music. Lumines Remastered brings the classic skins to your modern console with top of the range graphics, sharp edges and stunning colors are on show here to really make the action pop. Menus are equally classy. They have a clean look while also being simple to navigate. The music retains its brilliance as well, tracks bop along as you play, evolving and speeding up to fit the gameplay. It really is an excellent blend.

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The best version of the best puzzle game of all time. Lumines Remastered is so very near to puzzle perfection. If the game had taken some more ideas from newer versions of Lumines it would have been better off, such as online play or DigDown mode. These don’t detract from the experience at all but instead would have worked to cement this games place as the definitive Lumines experience.

To fans of puzzlers: buy this game. To others: buy this game. The immersive and addictive gameplay will capture your hearts immediately. Let’s just hope Enhance and Resonair will bring us a sequel!

Lumines Remastered

Lumines Remastered










  • Immersive
  • Addicting
  • Beautiful

Not Cool

  • Lack of online
  • Could have had a couple more modes

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