Endless Frontier Guide: A Beginner’s Guide

Endless Frontier is an eye-catching idle RPG game for both the Android and iOS platforms. Like with other “clicker games” your goal is to reach the highest level possible be leveling up your money making items level by level. This game is a whole different type of demon. It is really deep and, thankfully doesn’t force you to literally click the entire damn time you play. You can purchase an “Auto Push” upgrade of sorts for your quests so you can essentially just set it and forget it. You can equip different artifacts as well to boost a variety of stats in the game. You also unlock multiple parts of the game as you level up that give you access to pets, raids, guilds, and even outlandish boss battles!

So in order to get you (or the friend you’re trying to convince) into the game, I created a simplified guide to get all new players off on the right foot with the right goal. For best results, open the app as you read along.

The Main Screen


The main screen is the landing page of the game. At first glance, it may seem like there is a lot going on, but I will explain each section mostly with images so you can hopefully blaze through the guide. There are six pretty self-explanatory tabs on the bottom that you can access and then on the top right corner, there are smaller icons like an angel and a militant flag of sorts. On the top, are your equipped magic spells; these appear after you unlock all of the bottom tabs. Above that is the current stage your battle party is on. Finally, on the top left corner, you will find your main character. It shows your current level along with which of the four Tribes you have been revived as. The four tribes are Orc, Undead, Elf, and Human. Now let’s take a glance at that game has to offer and what you should know as a new player.

The Quest Tab

The above image shows you what lies under the quest tab. On the left, under each icon, you will see the current level of the quest. The yellow bar to the right of each icon is the amount of time it takes to fulfill the quest, and the coinage in the yellow bar is your reward. The right button shows the cost of an upgrade highlighted by a coin, and the white numbers above with the “+” sign are the amount the quest reward will increase. On the top of the tab, right under the constant battle screen, you will see something that says “Auto Quest”. This is unlocking the highlighted quest to be automatically harvested by paying the cost shown on the right of the same bar. Your goal is to stay get everything maxed and everything into the “Auto” condition. NEVER pay diamonds to do this.

The Unit Tab

On the left panel, you will have your main battle buddies. You can have up to a maximum of eight. Each unit has a variety of aspects to look into by clicking its name. It will open the fourth panel you see above. At this point, Unit Skill,  it will list each level it needs to reach to get a designated boost. Each unit is different so I would prefer you see their details yourself. To reiterate, you open your unit by clicking its name and you will see the three words to click on in the fourth panel; Unit Skill, Unit Details, and especially important, Unit Trans. Aside from leveling up units, you can give them permanent levels called enhancements which are done with medals. You can also evolve units that increase them by one rank.

Under the name of each unit, you will see a few symbols along with numbers next to them. Namely, they will be either yellow, red or blue. One important clue is that anything yellow in the game is referring to physical attributes. So a yellow shield, for example, would represent a unit’s physical defense.

On the Unit Tab, you will notice three buttons on the top. The first on the right is your first skill. You must unlock it with a few diamonds but it is worth it. As of now, I have seen a variety of 5 different spells. Once you unlock all three spell slots, I’d recommend the spell Shouts of Victory (Physical Null and Heal), Blessing from Angels (Magical Null and Heal) and a third offensive spell. I believe the one shown is called Tower of Babel. Just my thoughts on the spell options that work for me.

Another button labeled revive will lead you to the third screen above with the angel. The is where the main mechanic of the game takes place.  Every time you revive you keep the stats you have boosted with medals, and your artifacts. This creates a snowball effect so that you just boost further and stronger with each revive. One thing to consider is that every 100 levels that your experience, your knightage will then go up one level. This mean is if you get to stage 201 and then revive, you will be at Knightage level 2. If you get to 201 and revive again your Knightage level will NOT change. Reviving gives you the “medal” currency which helps you perma-boost your troops and also allows you to purchase units in the Unit Store. As you can see, I buy every unit that had a medal price tag, and you should do. I wouldn’t spend diamonds on a unit unless it was something researched and you knew you needed it. Extra units are sent to your time shop, which I will touch on further in the guide.

*Revive every 50 stages or so to start until about 300, and then try to revive every 100 stages or so. For examples, stage 301,401,501, and etc.

The Dungeon Tab

This tab is where you will be obtaining your dungeon materials. These are going to help you pay the costs of purchasing and upgradings artifacts. The format is pretty simple. Your team will auto battle against a specific boss monster in order to obtain its goodies. Each monster besides the Slime has tribe restrictions and as you can see, certain materials are only available on certain days to harvest.  My aqua bubbles in the screenshot above are a product of both healing spells I mentioned used at once. As you can see, this would be where you unlock your second spell slot in the game.

The Artifacts Tab

First off, say hello to spell slot three in this Artifact tab. Here you will collect artifacts that can boost a variety of skills. I mean everything from decreasing quest time, beefing up a certain tribe’s attack, or decreasing the cost to unlock the next quest on the list. These are all permanent boost that will apply as long as you have the artifact equipped regardless of the number of revives you have under your belt. The button to the right of each would be the cost in dungeon materials needed to upgrade the artifact.  In the second image, you can see that artifacts will even come in sets of up to six from what I have personally observed. Having even 2 out of the 6 will grant you an extra boost too. Finally, we also have an artifact shop much like with the unit shop. For this one, I would work towards your preferred tribe’s boost but most importantly, anything that reduces the quest time. Faster money means faster spending right!? With these, any extra items are sent to the time shop. I’ll explain later you will just have to deal with the anticip-

The Battle Tab


The Battle Tab is where you will find your PVP games and other ways of earning gems and other goods.

Shop of Honor – By Units/Artifacts with Honor Coins

Battle Arena – Battle other players. The rank at the end of the timer determines the number of Diamonds/Honor Coins you get.

Daily Ranking Battle – Automatically ranks when revived.

Tower of Trial – Use the many units at your disposal to pass each floor of the trail with restricted rules.

Outland Battle – Unlocked at 1000 stage revival.  Nets you pet fragments, raid coins, diamonds, and honor coins.

The Shop Tab

At the Time Shop, all your extra units are stored once they have been purchased and your max unit count has been reached.  Anyone you sell will end up here as well so don’t hesitate to swap your units in and out. With a few extra diamonds, you even get the medal you invested back which IS worth it. This works just the same with artifacts.  One thing to note is that if you have been rewarded a unit or artifact through your mailbox, and you’re at max capacity, the funds to buy the rewarded item will be added to your currency so you can always save the money and buy it later or use it towards something else like your income tax.

The next button of note would be the one simply labeled “Item” (Second screen above). Here you can choose to watch an ad and get a minor boost to game speed or get a small but useful amount of gold. You will also notice a few boosts that ask for 100 diamonds. Diamonds come at a pretty standard rate in my opinion so use these at your own discretion preferably once you’ve found your rhythm in the game.

On the last button, Premium, you can purchase a HOST of permanent abilities or boosts that I feel are all pretty beneficial for you. I recommend maxing out the Medal Buff to the maximum as soon as humanly possible. It will help you get more medal per revive which as you know helps you permanently enhance your troops. Another that I personally like because I am impatient as hell is one that increases your maximum number of dungeon tickets. This gives you more chances to take on a dungeon in one sitting so you can do some decent material shopping for artifact work. You also are able to unlock the special skill for each tribe as well.

To The Top Of The Screen!

So you made it to stage 301 and have revived. At this point, you should have unlocked just about everything besides Outland battle which unlocks at 1000 stages. I will now go over the 2 most important icons you will find at the top right corner.

“Little Angel Icon” – Pets.

This section is where you can undertake a variety of trials on a daily basis, ten times a day. The rewards are honor coins, diamonds and pet fragments. Guess what pet fragments are used for!?  Once you gather ten fragments and unlock a pet you can set it as your Main Pet or your Revival Pet. Your main pet affects you during active play and your revival pets boost on revive. An example of a revive skill would be something like getting an additional 5% of medals. Make sure to check each pet and aim for one that would best suit your needs. A really neat feature almost every pet has is that in its final rank it unlocks a hidden skill for a specific Unit of yours. Pet fragments can come from a variety of places and Outland battles so make sure you scour the app at least once a day for loot.

“Little Battle Banner” – Guild

The guild is one of my favorite places to be. All the friends I have pitchforked to download this game have gathered into my guild and together we can tackle a variety of things for even MORE loot. The loot does feel pretty endless in this frontier.

Observe below a few of the screen you would find the guild icon. On the first is where you check your attendance. This is what lets your group leader know you are an active member.  In Guild War, you can fight other guilds online! It is fun to throw up a chat with the target’s name and just unload on them. You can take fourty units for each Senior Unit you have on your team so it can become army versus army pretty quickly. There is also the Guild Boss Raid. Here the entire guild has 72 hours to fight an immense boss with a crap-ton of HP to put it lightly. You get two attempts a day and you need to come in as beefed up as possible. Out of 100% of the bosses health we, as a freaking group, took off .05% from its life. It’s laughable but the stronger we get the more we shave off.

On the right is the Buildings screen. The first little section gives us the Guild Barracks. When you first enter you have access to the most basic units for free. You can also upgrade the units available to you as well as upgrade their recharge time to respawn if they were killed in a guild war. Certain units can pose as instructors in your barracks and rally your troops to fall in line faster. Defense Base is where you set up your team against the Guild War attackers. Choose your strongest and hope for the best. The Guild Shop is a special shop where you can purchase artifacts and units you may not find in the other shops of the game.

Final things to consider before going too deep*
  • The game has several Servers that you randomly get logged into. if you want to play with friends make sure you synchronize your accounts to be on the same server early in the game.
  • Don’t use your Trans tickets on your units until you know exactly which units will remain in your main party
  • Some units are special providing extra bonuses to the game speed or having you start at a certain stage based on the highest stage achieved.
  • Don’t hesitate to sell units or artifacts, they go back to your time shop and resources are returned with 100 diamonds as the microscopic fee.
  •  Once you have a firm understand and have settled in, check the Endless Frontier guide on Reddit here.

Here is a spoiler-filled peak at your future to skim through!

endless frontier

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