The Twelve Quickest Platinum Trophies on PS4 – each one can be earned in under an hour!

Who doesn’t love earning a Platinum trophy? That happy little ping that signifies you’ve accomplished pretty much all a game has to offer.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed trophy hunter dedicated to sinking thousands of hours into every game you can get your hands on to get the satisfaction of perfection or whether you just dabble in trophies and still love that moment you fully complete a title, no one can deny the wonderful feeling that accompanies the iconic Platinum ping. These twelve games will give you the chance to boost your Platinum figures to double figures over one weekend!

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Mr. Massagy – 30 minutes

There are loads of walkthroughs online that you can use to rattle through this title in under half an hour. The game will set you back less than £5 and it’ll be a breeze to get every trophy. Stick a movie, let’s play or tv show on in the background while you fail a series of romantic encounters in this weird supernatural dating simulator. You’ll definitely get a laugh or twenty while you play! There are 34 trophies in total that you can earn here including the glorious platinum.

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36 Fragments of Midnight – 30 minutes

Another platinum you can get in half an hour. This is a very basic platformer with randomly generated levels. You need to collect 36 fragments and the hardest trophy sees you collecting all 36 and getting back to the entrance in under six minutes, It isn’t hard in any way, the random generation means you can keep restarting until you get an easy level. It’s another really cheap title as well making it perfect for boosting your numbers.

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Little Adventures on the Prarie – 30 minutes

A short little platformer where you need to kill every enemy in each level to progress. There are only twelve levels with about ten enemies per level so you’ll absolutely fly through the game on your way to the platinum ping. If you jump on top of enemies you can even hit them without taking damage! You’ll have some fun for the incredibly low price tag of £1.29.

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Slyde – Less than 10 minutes, potentially 30 seconds

This is easily the easiest platinum trophy on the console never mind this list. The game will cost you a whopping 99p. Less than a quid. It’s a puzzle tile sliding game, you’ll have played one before and be familiar with the format. To get the platinum right away choose either a medium or hard puzzle and try to get the empty space in the top right space. From there bang this code in:

Right, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Left, Down, Right, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Right

Like the Konami code but even better because if you get over 800 points (depends on speed) you’ll get a platinum trophy. Just restart the puzzle until you get the empty space in the right place.


My Name is Mayo – 30 minutes

The weirdest game ever made. The gameplay? You, yes you, get to tap on a jar of mayo for half an hour until the platinum trophy pings. There isn’t a lot to be said for this game to be honest. Basically, you need to press X 10,000 times and you’ll get it. You can do it on Vita and tap the screen which will give you a sore finger but speed up the process. It’s very cheap so you’re basically paying for the trophy.


Her Majesty’s Spiffing – One/two hours

This is easily the best game on the list. It’s by far my personal favorite, I adored it when I played it at launch. It’s the most expensive, setting you back about fifteen quid when full price. It’s too short to be worth that but it is a ton of fun with great humor. It’s an old school point and click with everything you’d expect from the genre. If you use a guide you’ll fly through it in an hour but miss all of the fun. If you don’t use a guide it’ll take you a few hours but the game is genuinely good enough to be worth your time!


Suicide Guy – One hour

Not as good as Her Majesty’s Spiffing but still a genuinely fun couple of hours. Again, use a guide and the 100% will be yours within an hour. Without one it’ll still only take an afternoon at most. It’s a very light puzzle game with really varied environments which are often pretty interesting and fun. I was actually happy with my purchase after beating this game, seeing the different takes on classic video games such as Mario or classic movies or even just classic fantasy tropes like Dragons is pretty cool. There are collectibles to grab along the way and this is what makes up the majority of the trophies. Oh, the premise of the game is you dying over and over!


Don’t Knock Twice – One hour

A horror game that lacks any horror. Really you’ll just be going through the motions getting the collectibles and doing what’s required for the trophies. You’ll need both endings but that can be done via some save backups using PS Plus. It’ll take you under an hour with this method, not much longer without it as you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going. It’s a very short game and you can even play it in PS VR if you’re looking for something a little different.

dont knock

The Little Acre – One/Two hours

The ideal game for this list for a few reasons. Firstly, there’s a trophy for beating the game in under an hour, meaning you’re encouraged to fly through it! Secondly, it’s a really fun point and click set in Ireland that’s totally worth your time! There’s a really nice hand-drawn aesthetic and it’s actually very reminiscent of The Black Cauldron, aka the best Disney movie ever made. Third is it’s always on sale meaning you’ll get great bang for your buck. Use a guide and you’ll get all the trophies in no time.


One Word with Powgi – 30 minutes

You’ll be given a series and the majority of a quote and have to find words in a word search in order to fill out the final quote. It isn’t terrible and you can have fun with it if you like word searches. Alternatively, you can just google either the quotes or a trophy guide and fly through it. It’s a basic game but it’s under a tenner and will take you way less than an hour to platinum it.


Nubla / World of Nubla – One hour a piece

Use a guide. These games are awful. They’re weird boring aimless trips through a bizarre world with no real story or objective. It’s a point and click sidescroller and the games exist as art projects. The second is just a rerelease of Nubla with slightly more content. Just find a walkthrough and Youtube and fly through these.


So there you have it. Twelve platinum trophies you could earn on your day off. Fancy more? Check out this list.

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