Monster Hunter Coming To Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch owners have wanted a Monster Hunter game since the concept of the hybrid console was announced. As time went by, Monster Hunter XX- Nintendo Switch Ver. was released exclusively in Japan. The rest of the world got Monster Hunter World (see our review) on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

The only way to play Monster Hunter on Switch other than being in Japan was to import a copy. Many have done this, myself included, but unless you’re fluent in reading the language, and I am not, it is difficult to navigate the menus.

*Offical box art for the western release

Today both the Nintendo and Monster Hunter twitter accounts have revealed that on August 28th Monster Hunter XX- Nintendo Switch Ver. will be coming to the west under the name Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. I’ll see you, my fellow hunters, online. For those who have recently gotten Monster Hunter World or are considering it, this helpful guide is made for you.

Note: if you own Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS, you can transfer your data over.

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