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Sea of Thieves Closed Beta: By the Numbers

Yo ho ho me hearties there has been some impressive figures revealed following the Sea of Thieves closed Beta last week! Despite the beta being locked behind pre orders, a fantastic 314,021 buccaneers took to the high seas to search for booty. These sea dogs managed to complete over 400,000 between them, despite all the time spent crowding 80 players onto one four man boat and other hijinks. More than two million hours were spent in game, which averages out at around five hours per player. For a beta with limited content this is excellent, players clearly have an appetite to learn more. The majority of players preferred to crew up on a four man galleon rather than the single player or two men sloop options. Other stats included concurrent player counts and gold earned are also included in this handy graphic.


Of course content creation and consumption is a huge part of gaming in 2018. Rare took great pride in announcing that Sea of Thieves was the number one watched game on the two premier video game streaming services, Twitch and Microsoft’s Mixer. This puts the pirate adventure on similar ground as the Xbox console exclusive Player Unknown Battlegrounds, which saw exponential growth due to its popularity on streaming platforms and Youtube. No doubt Microsoft will be very happy with the game’s success and an open beta is surely on the way to provide even more players a chance to cruise the high seas and sing a shanty or two with their mates. More information is due to drop for the game on February 13th, stay tuned to the thelootgaming.com to find out whats coming next and so much more!

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