EGX 2018: ‘Catastronauts’ Hands-On Preview

On my recent attendance at EGX 2018, I had the pleasure of getting hands on a little title by Inertia Game Studios called ‘Catastronauts’. A frantic party game that is due to launch Friday 28th September on Xbox, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch (The Switch version will be launching shortly after).

Now we’re cooking!

First things first, Catastronauts is a hell of a lot of fun! I played with 3 other friends and the fast-paced, responsive gameplay really does grab you straight away. The premise is simple, keep your ship from falling apart while trying to destroy the enemy ship that is un-relentlessly attacking you.

Players will have to arm and fire torpedoes, repair systems, extinguish fires and avoid hazards such as solar flares. All set over increasingly difficult scenarios.

Co-operation and communication is key to success in Catastronauts, space definitely isn’t a place for lone wolfs. Players that are familiar with the recent ‘Overcooked‘ games will feel right at home with the concept. Get your individual job roles right and manage your workload, you will fly through a level like clockwork. Get them wrong, let communication breakdown or fail to deal with a new scenario such as bombs teleporting onto your ship! Then you are literally toasted.


A day at EGX 2017



It really is entertaining how a situation can swing on a knife edge, with panic setting in and your best laid plans going to absolute crap!

If co-operative, party games are your thing then I would seriously suggest keeping an eye on Catastronauts. My friends and I had an absolute blast at EGX with us all agreeing how much fun we had. It is definitely one to watch.


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