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EGX 2018: ‘Catastronauts’ Hands-On Preview
Running around like a 'Luna' tic

On my recent attendance at EGX 2018, I had the pleasure of getting hands on a little title by Inertia Game Studios called ‘Catastronauts’. A frantic party game that is due to launch Friday 28th September on Xbox, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch (The Switch version will be launching shortly after). Now we’re cooking! […]

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1979 The Revolution: Black Friday Review
So I start a revolution from my bed

1979 The revolution finally finds its way to consoles after being available on PC and mobile platforms. Based on the actual real life event of the 1979 Islamic revolution or ‘Iranian Revolution’. Our story follows the journey of photojournalist ‘Reza Shirazi’ as he interprets and tries to survive the events of the Iranian Revolution. Particularly that […]

Featured Playstation Reviews

Slime-San: Super Slime Edition Review
Slime flies when you're having fun

Slime-San, ‘Super Slime Edition’ finally makes its way onto PS4 and Xbox One, an 8-Bit, 2D Twitch/Action Platformer that follows the adventure of our little, green, slimy protagonist ‘Slime-San’. The premise is simple enough, our hero ‘Slime San’, whilst out enjoying a peaceful slime around the forest, gets swallowed by a giant worm (don’t you […]